AP&S on the new WVIB mechanical engineering advisory board


"AP&S International GmbH, as a long-established, innovative special machinery manufacturer from Donaueschingen-Aasen and a committed member of wvib Schwarzwald AG, is of course happy to make its contribution when it comes to the establishment of a new wvib mechanical engineering cluster. We very much welcome this development," says AP&S Managing Director Alexandra Laufer-Müller.

Mechanical engineering is one of Germany's core industrial sectors, facing a wide range of challenges: In addition to the pandemic, the automotive market, which has been weakening for some time, has had a major impact on demand. Globalization against the backdrop of widely differing bureaucratic obstacles and digitization have long moved mechanical engineers. More recent topics include the importance of climate protection for mechanical engineering and how the circular economy can be improved in the EU. wvib Schwarzwald AG sees itself as the mouthpiece and service provider for family-owned, medium-sized industrial companies in Baden-Württemberg. More than 300 of the over 1,000 members of wvib are mechanical engineering companies. In total, they combine 17 billion in sales and 100,000 employees. In order to optimally support these members in mastering the industry-specific challenges, the go-ahead has now been given for the founding of the wvib mechanical engineering cluster.

The first step was taken on April 28, 2020: more than twenty personalities from successful companies, including Laufer-Müller from AP&S, met online, owing to the Covid 19 circumstances, to establish the Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board and define tasks and goals for future work. The advisory board is made up of companies of different sizes, product areas and from all regions of the association's territory. The objective is to act as a driving force in order to derive targeted measures for the industry and to demand the necessary framework conditions in the business environment.

The founding meeting already brought together many starting points and ideas to provide support to the companies in the cluster in the exchange of experience and training. The beginning is done, development remains interesting with the exciting topic.

You can find more information about wvib Schwarzwald AG here: www.wvib.de