33 reasons to be a customer of AP&S

AP&S offers you:

1. Experience and reliability as an owner-managed company with focus on the semiconductor industry and a company history starting in 1995.

2. Competent and fast decision processes based on our flat hierarchical structure.

3. Strong and reliable partner by your side, through our long-term thinking in terms of investment, development and business relationships.

4. Comfortable and open communication with global customers, achieved by highly competent team, including native speakers of more than 9 different languages.

5. High safety degree by „Made in Germany“ products: We are a German company but aren‘t bound by geographical borders. We deliver our high-quality solutions all over the world.

6. Time saving and fast communication through a worldwide network of trained, qualified long-term distribution partners.

7. Geographical proximity to customers and suppliers: with our production facility in Germany we have a direct access to an excellent, local supplier network, and are close to many of our key customers as well.

8. Nationwide service network and thus sustainable support combined with in-depth know-how of wet process solutions.

9. Latest service tools, like the AP&S Web Worker App, which make your wet processes even more efficient.

10. Refurbishment is a key issue of the AP&S After Sales division. This service provides you a cost-optimized and long-term use of proven systems according to latest technology standards.

11. New „plug&play“ solutions for outdated parts within the spare parts management area.

12. Fast and cost-effective access to spare parts through an interface between our Web Worker Application and our consignment-stock management system.

13. Respond to specific customers‘ requirements. We strive for cooperative long-term partnerships, than the better we know our customers and whose needs, the better we are able to meet these.

14. Strong focus on solution-oriented design, which is based on our in-depth expertise in chemical wet processes and automation.

15. Optimized cost structure, higher quality and targeted solution implementation as results of our solution-oriented design.

16. Reliable long-term partner, who you can trust. Until today we support the first generation HMR (AP&S) machines.

17. Extensive know-how: continuous development of our company‘s know-how and our employees‘ abilities and skills are essential parts of the AP&S philosophy. The success indicator of this process is the huge number of employees, who have participated in our training program.

18. Industry specific expertise: about 90% of our senior executives are native talents, who started their career in our company and are very familiar with the semiconductor industry.

19. Various development and evaluation possibilities in our in-house laboratory, called Demo Center, and at our partner institutes ensure high flexibility regarding to customers‘ specific requirements.

20. Continuous development of semiconductor processes, according to highest industry standards, in our in-house laboratory, called Demo Center.

21. Several partnerships with chemical suppliers to ensure a constant development in regard to the semiconductor market requirements.

22. Short time to market, a 100 % process evaluation before ordering and a process qualification during tool construction.

23. Short ready for production times and as a result, fast start-up and low qualification costs. In parallel with the construction of your ordered tool, the appropriate process can be developed to series production level directly in our in-house laboratory.

24. Flexible process adjustments without any risk: In case that, the process requirements for an installed system change, a first process evaluation can be done with the demonstration equipment in our laboratory. In this way, there is no disturb or endanger for the active process.

25. An impressive number of innovations through a continuous development process driven forward by the AP&S management board and shareholders.

26. Planning reliability during the significant initial project phase, thanks to our new 3D-HoloLens development option (Layout/Location selection, examination of the facility possibilities).

27. Development of intelligent machine functions and process controls up to AI inside wet process tools is one of our current key issues.

28. Substantial experience to meet current and future market and customers‘ needs, through more than 500 years of semiconductor market specific know-how bundled within our AP&S team.

29. Everything from one source: AP&S is your supplier for wet process solutions including process support, spare parts and service.

30. Comprehensive product portfolio offering you the best suitable solution for every task.

31. Outstanding product USP`s like short maintenance cycles, high ease of use and maximum process stability.

32. Additional support like analysis and optimization of your chemical management in regard to the reduction of qualification costs and consumption.

33. A variety of well-known references: with more than 700 installed tools for 80 customers spread over 25 countries.

We are a customer-oriented company. Become our customer and secure these benefits. We look forward to a cooperation with you!

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The CleanStep Carrier Box significantly reducing the time required for carrier/FOUP cleaning and drying, delivers maximized productivity and superior technology by combining multiple work steps in one single tool.

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The SpinMask combines cleaning and drying of masks or other substrates of different cleaning applications with chemicals, integrated mega sonic system or brushes, easy handling, fully integrated process control and process monitoring.

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The fully automated Chemical Management System is designed to handle acids, solvents and caustics used in the semiconductor, micro mechanic and solar industries.