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The place to be: AP&S booth 2579 in the German Pavilion in hall N2 at the Semicon China 2019 trade fair


China being the biggest integrated circuit consumer market in the world is investing heavily in chipmaking facilities. It is an extremely dynamic market and of course an important one for AP&S as a provider of wet process solutions for the semiconductor industry.

With our subsidiary in Shanghai we have been present on the Chinese market for 12 years. Of course, the Semicon China 2019 trade fair (20-22 March) is a must-attend event for us and we look forward to welcome our customers, business partners and friends at our booth. These wet process solutions await you there:

  • The very best has to be mentioned first: This time for the first time in China we will bring all our wet process tools in original size to our booth. See it for yourself and test our Augmented Reality product live demonstration onsite.
  • Perfect cleaning and drying of carriers, boxes and PODs are guaranteed with our CB II and CB III box cleaners, which bring you attractive cost of ownership values and very short set-up times for different box types.
  • Our single wafer processing tools are based on a standardized and modular design, comply with the SEMI 2 standard and are produced at our headquarters in the Black Forest Germany. For the users it means highest safety and short delivery times. Furthermore, our SpinEtcher 200 SPE tool is equipped with endpoint detection for highest reliability and process control.
  • In the field of batch processing our new fully automated MULTI-TOOL TeraStep® offers you a maximum of flexibility: different wafer sizes 8“-12“; different wafer-thickness from 40 to 200μm/ TAIKO up to 2000 μm as well as double stacked wafers; chemistry and solvents in one tool as well different contamination types -> TeraStep® handles it all.

See you in Shanghai!


AP&S participates in the Important Project of Common European Interest on Microelectronics (IPCEI)


On 18th December 2018, the European Commission approved the support of microelectronics within the IPCEI and paved the way for the promotion provided by the Federal Government with the total amount of 1 billion euros. Now companies from France, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany can be supported in their research and development activities until the first commercial use of the new microelectronic applications.

IPCEI’s aim is to strengthen the microelectronic industry in Europe and Germany in the global competition. Microelectronics play a key role in the development and improvement of new technologies. The semiconductor elements make a significant contribution to the energy industry, IoT, automotive industry, autonomous driving, medicine, automation and to many other fields of application. Further participating companies from Germany are Bosch, GlobalFoundries, Infineon, Osram and Zeiss.

“The participation in IPCEI enables us to expand our technological know-how-position. As a supplier in the semiconductor industry we strive to ensure innovative equipment with state-of-the-art automation for the processing of next generation semiconductor devices. In this way we want to contribute to a higher level of process performance in the semiconductor manufacturing process,” explains Jörg Hildebrand, leader of the Business Unit Batch Process at AP&S.

CEO of AP&S Alexandra Laufer-Müller about the project: “We are proud to be among the participating companies. We take the role and responsibility that comes up to us seriously. IPCEI provides the basis for an exceptional exchange of knowledge and experience between the industry’s innovation leaders, to the involved value chains and throughout the entire EU. I’m sure that together we will achieve the goal of expanding and securing Germany and Europe as a research and manufacturing location for the semiconductor industry of tomorrow”.

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Hand in hand for the future of innovative cobotics in the Black Forest region - AP&S International GmbH is one of the donors of the new endowed professorship “Collaborative Robotics” at the Offenburg University


12.02.2019: The Offenburg University receives a new endowed professorship, called "Cobotics and socio-technological systems”, which is donated by the member companies of the wvib Black Forest AG association.

“With the endowed professorship, the university and wvib respond to the steadily increasing demands of digitalization and the rapidly changing performance requirements on engineers. It doesn’t only strengthen the digitization strategy of the University in research and teaching, but also makes a long-term investment in the competitiveness of small and medium-sized industrial companies in the southwest Germany”, says Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Dr. Winfried Lieber.

"The reaction within the wvib Black Forest AG to the idea of financing an endowed professorship "Cobotics" was consistently positive. In the shortest time, many supporters among its members have been found, who wanted to participate. This shows the high demand for trained specialists in this area", explains wvib CEO Dr. Ing. Christoph Münzer at the press conference.

AP&S International GmbH from Donaueschingen is a donor of the endowed professorship too. CEO of the company Alexandra Laufer-Müller, a wvib member for many years and in the wvib advisory board since November 2017, says: "Cobotics is an absolutely trend-setting technology branch, that opens up new perspectives for companies. To promote this trend in our region in time, to establish efficient interfaces between theory and practice and to secure junior staff in this area of competence, is clearly a part of our corporate responsibility.”

The professorship "Collaborative Robotics" is endowed with a total of 1.2 million euros, which has so far been provided by 13 member companies of the wvib and the "Gisela and Erwin Sick Foundation". In addition to the professor position, the foundation also includes the position of an academic employee. The funding period is five years, after which the university will take over the professorship as a permanent post.

"The endowed professorship belongs to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering. It is designed in such an interdisciplinary way, that it takes up the existing competences of all faculties in order to create sustainable and value-adding solutions ", emphasizes Gerhard Kachel, Vice Rector of the Offenburg University for Technology and Knowledge transfer. "We want to ensure that, in addition to the concrete research and transfer projects with the companies in the region, knowledge transfer into teaching and training is guaranteed."

"We considered for a long time about the question, which university in our region is the right one for the endowed professorship "Cobotics". The technical orientation of the Offenburg University provides the optimal precondition for the promotion, which will contribute to the competitiveness in the Ortenau region and far beyond that", says wvib President Burger.

The association wvib, that is located in Freiburg, was founded in 1946 and counts more than 1,000 manufacturing companies as members, which employ 224,000 people and generate 52 billion euros in sales. Offenburg University started in 1964 as a state engineering school. Today more than 4,500 young people study technology, business and media at the two locations in Offenburg and Gengenbach.

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Service support expansion for the Italian semiconductor market - AP&S office opening in Catania


Picture: AP&S Italian-German Team with customers in front of the new office building.

January 30, 2019: Accompanied by summerlike temperatures and bright sunshine the Italian service team celebrated together with invited Italian customers as well as with the German AP&S sales team and the Global After-Sales Director, who both came to Sicily from the snowy Black Forest, the opening of the new AP&S office in Via Franco Gorgone 28 in Catania.

"With the new office as a service desk for Italy, we can manage the support of our customers on site even more efficient. Better coordination with customers, faster availability of service technicians, but also of spare parts are the consequences. The customer feedback about this development is very positive," explains Rosario Carluccio, who takes over the management of the new local office.

"Most of us associate primarily fashion, holidays and good food with Italy. But furthermore, some of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers have their headquarters in Italy. Among them some AP&S key accounts, such as ST Microelectronics. The importance of the Italian market is enormous for us," says Tobias Drixler, Director Business Unit After Sales and goes on: "Reliable and sustainable after-sales support is decisive for the success in our industry. With the delivery of the AP&S wet process equipment, we guarantee our customers highest tool quality and process reliability, which goes hand in hand with highly qualified service staff and fast support for spare parts requirements. To ensure this, in 2017 the AP&S After-Sales Business Unit was founded, and has been developing steadily ever since. The new service office in Italy is one of these important development steps."

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Semiconductor giant Infineon honors AP&S with the Supplier Award Best Innovation 2018


Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 29th November 2018: Hans-Martin Schweizer, Corporate Vice President Purchasing Infineon, hands over the “Best Innovation Award“ to the representatives of AP&S International GmbH. Directly afterwards AP&S managing director Alexandra Laufer-Müller informs the company staff about this success starting with the following words „I am totally proud, that we have achieved this together!“

With 40,100 employees and a sales of 7.6 billion Euros (ending 30 September 2018), Infineon Technologies belongs to the world‘s leading providers of semiconductor solutions, and has been AP&S customer since the AP&S founding in 2003. The AP&S wet process equipment is used in Infineon’s cleanroom factories worldwide for surface treatment of wafers within the microchip manufacturing process.

At this year‘s Infineon Supplier Day in Kuala Lumpur, to which 350 selected suppliers were invited, the AP&S representatives were greatly surprised, as the speaker said: for outstanding innovation achievements we call AP&S to the stage. In the selection process, the decision makers were particularly impressed by the AP&S developments in the field of Industry 4.0. Among these IoT solutions is the AP&S augmented reality program for predictive maintenance and factory planning, that offers customers optimized production planning, solution-oriented design process, time and cost savings and scheduled replacement of spare parts.

„The Infineon award is a special honor for us. To live innovation, is what drives us at AP&S. We invest more than 10% of our annual turnover in research and development. The customer benefit is always our pulse. This award is the best customer feedback, that one could wish and a great appreciation for our innovation strength,“ says Alexandra Laufer-Müller.

Infineon‘s “Supplier Award Best Innovation 2018“ is the second award for AP&S this year. In June 2018 the company received the Top 100 Innovation Award.

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Review summary of Semicon Europa 2018 - Great and successful event

Our review summary of the Semicon Europa 2018: great meetings, exciting talks, interesting presentations, successful contributions and a lot of fun. Winning the first place for our presentation "AP&S Augmented Reality solution for Predictive maintenance and fab-planning 4.0" in the FabManager Forum poster session was of course (like we use to say in Germany) "the cherry on the cake". Thank you to all our customers, partners and friends who were there! 

Watch our pictures compilation here.



Diversity and multifunctionality await visitors at AP&S booth 621 in Hall A4 at Semicon Europa 2018


From 13 to 16 November 2018 Semicon Europa, the leading trade fair for the European semiconductor market, will take place in Munich as part of electronica. AP&S will be exhibiting this year again. In addition to a variety of technological highlights, the company as a whole will be in focus this time.

 "We want to offer our visitors a trade fair experience, that gives them an extensive insight into AP&S. Our products and services are versatile, the current company developments as well. We are currently investing 3.5 million euros in the construction of a new clean room and an additional production hall at the headquarters in Donaueschingen. This investment brings significant benefits to our customers, which of course will be a topic. Furthermore, the presence in Munich gives us the opportunity, to celebrate our this year's award as Top 100 Innovator together with our customers.“ explains Tobias Bausch, Director Sales & Marketing at AP&S.

For the first time the new AP&S wet process tool TeraStep® will be presented. The MULTI-TOOL convinces with its multifunctionality, as it processes 12‘‘ and 8‘‘ wafers, double stacked and extra thin wafers, chemistry and solvents as well as different contamination types.

Endpoint detection is the company’s new key feature for single wafer etch processing. The Spin-Step® tools equipped with this system, offer improved process stability, reproducibility, optimum process time and enable process media to be used in reclaim.

Predictive maintenance and fab-planning 4.0 are brought to the market by the versatile AP&S Augmented Reality solution. With customer benefit in focus, it offers: optimized fab planning; solution-oriented construction process; time and cost savings and scheduled spare parts exchange. This innovation will also be presented at the Fab Management Forum on Tuesday 13th November at 15:10.

Another AP&S presentation with the title "UBM Metallization Technology for advanced semiconductor devices“ will be taking place in the TechLonge on Thursday 15th November at 11:45. Here the audience will get to know the basic aspects, benefits and crucial parameters of a successful e-less process.

Requests for a meeting at SEMICON Europa can be sent to sales@ap-s.de

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Educational cooperation with the student company Ajantha


Picture: Pupils of the secondary school Donaueschingen wrap the employee gifts

Since 2016 AP&S International GmbH cooperates with the student company Ajantha. Ajantha is a mixed age, multi-class school project of the secondary school Donaueschingen with the pedagogical goal to teach students economic interrelationships and to give them an insight into the working life. The student company offers services as well as sustainable products from producers in developing countries and from regional producers, who make handicraft products in environmentally responsible manner.

This year, AP&S commissioned the student company again with the employee gifts, consisting of several products both from seamstresses in Sri Lanka as well as from regional craftsmen, who both receive a part of the student company’s profit. At the AP&S headquarters in Donaueschingen the pupils put the gifts together and wrapped these.

"Through the cooperation we always get some great ideas. We really enjoy it, to support Ajantha. The commitment of the student company for sustainable development is very laudable," says Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO of AP&S.

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Industry 4.0 in the semiconductor industry: Technology Mountains event at AP&S

On July 17th the topic "Industry 4.0: The introduction of cyber-physical systems in the production facilities of the semiconductor industry" attracted all interested parties to the AP&S International GmbH company’s headquarters in Donaueschingen, Germany. The event was held as part of the Technology Mountains Tour 2018, a series of lectures organized by a German technology networking association. Practically, using the examples of company's own Industry 4.0 solutions, AP&S presented the possibilities and challenges of cyber-physical systems (i.e. the combination of computer-aided software components with mechanical and electronic parts that communicate via a data structure, such as the internet).

AP&S IoT solutions are used for machine monitoring, machine control, maintenance, service assignments, spare parts deliveries and deployment, but also in the sales process for demonstration purposes and in the development phase. In the focus by doing so is always the benefit for the machine operator/customer. "Machine monitoring by humans, as we know them from the past, is no longer necessary and won’t exist in the future." says Christoph Kluge, Head Software Department at AP&S and Managing Director of the subsidiary tepcon GmbH. "In the condition monitoring area our solutions provide a configurable visualization of real-time data in tables, graphics or flow diagrams, monitoring of threshold values and timely alert-ing e.g. via email, SMS or WhatsApp. The customer can intervene flexibly from anywhere at any time, e.g. via his mobile device. Machine failures can be avoided in time. Process data analyzes enable the recording and tracking of recipes and incorrect operations as well as a comparison with historical data, which lead to an optimization of recipe sequences and efficient planning of service assignments."

The topic of machine learning was explained on the example of an AP&S solution, which was developed for the in-house UHPW system and now operates with a great success. "A typical failure that causes un-planned shutdown in this type of water treatment system is a blocked filter. This was one of the starting points for our development. Now our solution predicts with 99% certainty whether the filter needs to be changed in the next 3 days. This leads to a reduction of downtimes and an optimal operating life. " After the presentation session a company tour and a live demonstration of the AP&S Augmented Reality solution followed. In the last one the participants were able to interact virtually with the AP&S wet process machines by using the Microsoft HoloLens.

On the participant question, whether the risks of increasing digitization such as in particular the fear of job loss, which is often discussed in the public, is an issue at AP&S too, HR Manager Cäcilia Wegner answered: "No, there are several reasons for it: We are a technology company, many of our employees are tech-savvy, show a great interest in developments and enjoy the use of latest technologies. With a wide range of trainings and regular in-house seminars, we are optimally preparing our employees for the changes that new technologies could bring to their respective jobs.”

The conclusion of the evening: the cyber-physical systems provide a wide range of advantages to their users, are on the rise and will decisively drive and influence the world of special machine construction.

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Impressions from the AP&S 15th company anniversary celebration

On Monday, 2nd July the 15th company anniversary celebration took place at the AP&S headquarters in Donaueschingen-Aasen. With 100 invited guests from politics, business and local organizations AP&S took a look back to its history and important milestones, which led to the company’s success, but gave also an insight into the ongoing projects and an outlook on the future. Furthermore the official program included a company tour with several information points on current topics such as human resources development and augmented reality / IoT as well as a visit to the production hall.

It was a successful, joyful event with some exciting surprises and a great feedback from the guests. See for yourself in the impressions compilation.



AP&S is TOP 100 innovator 2018


Picture from the TOP 100 awards ceremony in Ludwigsburg: AP&S Chairman Horst Hall, Ranga Yogeshwar, a physicist and well-known radio and television presenter in Germany, and CEO of AP&S Alexandra Laufer-Müller

This year AP&S International GmbH belongs to the TOP 100 innovation leaders of German SMEs. This is the result of the analysis, carried out by the scientific director of the TOP 100 competition, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his top-class jury. The TOP 100 project’s mentor Ranga Yogeshwar (a well-known radio and television presenter in Germany) honored the company together with Franke and compamedia (the organizer of the competition) on June 29, 2018 at the awards ceremony in Ludwigsburg, Germany. TOP 100 has been on the market for 25 years and is the only competition for innovation management in Germany. In the independent selection process, AP&S was particularly successful in the categories "Innovation Success" and "Innovative Processes and Organization“, and thus positions itself as one of the most innovative companies in the market.  

On Monday, 2nd July the success was celebrated at the company headquarters in Donaueschingen-Aasen. In the context of the 15th company anniversary celebration with 100 invited guests from politics, business and local organizations, the management announced the joyful news about the TOP 100 award. The official program included a review of the company history, a company tour with several information points on current topics such as human resources development and augmented reality / IoT as well as a visit to the production hall.

 "The semiconductor industry, in which we operate, is one of the most dynamic and progressive in the world. The continuous development is a basic prerequisite for the success in this field. In recent years, strategically important investments and processes have been made at AP&S.” explains CEO of AP&S Alexandra Laufer-Müller. "The results of these actions are significant competitive advantages in the market and have now led us to success in the TOP 100 competition.”

To meet the extremely high requirements on the purity of the products in the semiconductor industry, the company recently invested in a ultra-high purity water system. The outcome: advantages for AP&S customers e.g. no long-term rinsing and cleaning process at the semiconductor fab is necessary anymore, tools can be much faster qualified and defect density requirements for production output can be achieved much faster. In regard to the digital transformation AP&S is well positioned too. Through taking a shareholding in the software company tepcon GmbH, AP&S has expanded its expertise in software, connectivity and IoT, which are playing an increasingly significant role in mechanical engineering, machine maintenance and control.

 "It is incredibly fascinating how the TOP 100 companies address challenges. With their creativity, determination and courage they create what we as a society need: innovative solutions to problems and, as a consequence, prosperity, growth and employment”, says the scientific director of TOP 100, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, on the occasion of the honoring of the companies. More information about the TOP 100 competition can be found here: https://www.top100-germany.com/

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AP&S commitment to ice hockey


Since the ice hockey season 2017/2018 AP&S International GmbH has been a sponsor of the famous hockey team Wild Wings and Wild Wings Future, the promoting young talent department, both from Schwenningen, a German town close to the AP&S headquarters. Furthermore, the company supports the ice skating school of the Ice Sport Club Dresden Association in the city Dresden, where an AP&S subsidiary is located offering on-site support for many key customers, based in this region.

"Ice hockey is fascinating and challenging, as this combines ice skating with team spirit, tactics and speed. An ice rink, like the one we have fortunately for our region in Schwenningen, enabling the regular practice, is a basic requirement. The operation of an ice rink is expensive, in addition there are further expenses such as for the player equipment. We from AP&S are glad to support the exercise and development of this exciting sport. In doing so, we show solidarity with the Wild Wings team as well as appreciation for the committed work with the young talents from the Wild Wing Future and the Ice Lions Dresden groups", explains Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO of AP&S.

Thomas Barth, CEO of the Ice Sport Club Dresden Association says: “We thank AP&S for the support. The company’s generous donation made the Christmas party 2017 and the gifts for our kids possible.”

The official statement by Wild Wings and Wild Wings Future on the cooperation says: "We are happy about the great cooperation with AP&S. Its commitment not only supports the top-level sport in our region, but also sets an important signal and actively supports the youth work of the Wild Wings and thus the pros of tomorrow." Stefan Kurth, 2. Executive Board of Wild Wings Future adds: "We would also like to thank Alexandra Laufer-Müller, the managing director of AP&S, personally for her dedication."

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Home jersey handover on 24th February 2018 during the match Wild Wings (Schwenningen) against Eagles (Mannheim): AP&S supports #4 Boaz Bassen - a young ice hockey talent, member of the Wild Wings Future U19 team, originally from Illinois U.S., now located in Schwenningen, living out his passion for ice hockey, following in the footsteps of his father, a former Wild Wings Player. Picture: Boaz Bassen, Aljona Barberio with son (Marketing AP&S).


Cover Story about AP&S in the Silicon Semiconductor magazine

The Silicon Semiconductor magazine, one of the leading publications for the silicon semiconductor cummunity worldwide, has published the cover story “Customer focus drives AP&S growth” in it's 4th Issue 2017.

“Getting to know AP&S International (Donaueschingen, Germany) is somewhat like receiving a nesting or Matryoshka doll: there is a new layer to be discovered at every turn”, writes Silicon Semiconductor editor Mark Andrews, who spoke with AP&S CEO, Alexandra Laufer-Müller.

We invite you to learn more about AP&S, our latest wet process technology developments and projects, by clicking on the attached PDF excerpt of the issue.



Social entrepreneurial commitment of AP&S International GmbH

At the general meeting of WVIB (The Trade Association of Industrial Enterprises in the Baden Region, Germany) in Freiburg, which was held on November 10th 2017, Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO of AP&S International GmbH, was elected to the WVIB advisory board. As a WVIB member for many years, Mrs. Laufer-Müller identifies herself with the guiding principles of the association and is committed to the preservation and development of a liberal, social market economy.

Since 2016, Alexandra Laufer-Müller has also been a member of the University Council of the Hochschule Furtwangen University. "A view beyond the horizon is an essential part of social entrepreneurship. In my opinion, amongst others, this includes the cooperation with regional associations, committees, universities and institutions. The regular experience and know-how exchange is an enrichment for all parties, and often build a source of new perspectives and ideas," says Alexandra Laufer-Müller.

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Overcrowded AP&S booth at Semicon 2017 – Impressions video

The participation at this year’s Semicon Europa exhibition, which took place from 14. to 17. November 2017, for the first time in Munich, co-located with productronica, was a great success for AP&S.

“The feedback from our business partners regarding our booth, products and our ongoing developments and projects was very, very positive.”, says Tobias Bausch, Director Sales and Marketing at AP&S.

“In particular, customers value the broad spectrum of products and services, which we offer and the high customer orientation within our company.”, adds Tobias Drixler, Director Business Unit After Sales.

With the attached review video, we would like to share our impressions and thank once again all visitors, who passed by our booth.

Semicon Europa 2017


300 mm wet process technology, futuristic HoloLens demonstrations and much more await visitors at the AP&S booth at SEMICON Europa 2017

Semicon Taiwan

From 14. to 17. November the semiconductor industry will gather at the SEMICON Europa trade fair, for the first time co-located with productronica in Munich, Germany. AP&S as one of the exhibitors is ready to welcome visitors at the booth 1739 in hall B1.

“The AP&S IoT solutions will be one of this year’s highlights”, says Christoph Kluge, Director Software Development, and adds, “We will present our latest Microsoft HoloLens project, so that our visitors will be able to step into the virtual world and interact with our wet process tools directly at the booth. Furthermore, interested parties can try the AP&S Web Worker App, a tool enabling a comfort and time-saving access to the full data archive of wet process applications, with any device and from all over the world.”

Another focus will be the fully automated 200 mm and 300 mm wet benches for high volume production according to the latest market requirements. Among them the recently developed 300 mm wet bench TeraStep ™, that handles up to 50 wafers at once, as well as the 200 mm A-Series wet process tool, which is available with 100 wafer half-space feature.

The AP&S process engineers will be on-site to introduce the possibilities of the in-house laboratory (Demo Center), such as tool demonstrations, individual development support and trainings.

Not only innovative wet process tools, but also all accompanying services, like refurbishment of used tools, tool relocations and spare parts delivery will be presented at the booth as essential parts of the AP&S After Sales Unit.

“With our wide range of products and services we offer our customers everything they need for efficient wet processes from one source. Therefore, a visit of our booth pays off for everyone involved in these processes”, summarizes Tobias Bausch, Director Sales and Marketing.

Requests for a meeting at SEMICON Europa can be sent to sales@ap-s.de


STC Standard Technology Corp. Taiwan becomes new distribution partner of AP&S. The partners celebrate the cooperation at a joint booth at SEMICON Taiwan 2017.

Semicon Taiwan

AP&S International GmbH and the new partner STC Standard Technology Corp. Taiwan start into the cooperation with a common booth at the upcoming SEMICON Taiwan event, which will take place from 13th to 15th September 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan.

“Taiwan, as one of the world’s major producers of electronic products, belongs to the most important regions for the semiconductor industry globally. Correspondingly high is the interest for advanced wet process solutions in this market. The goal of our new partnership with this local player is to cover this demand efficiently”, states Oliver Pohl, responsible for the international distributor network at AP&S.

“Since 2016 we have already successfully cooperated with the company CLC Tech, who was and will remain the exclusive Taiwanese distributor for our cassette, box and foup cleaner CB II and CB III. With STC, as a new distributor for our single wafer and wet bench product portfolio, our Taiwanese customers and prospective business partners have a reliable contact person right at their front door. STC is well established in the market since 1988, is an expert in his field and is familiar with the specific needs of the local market. Together we offer convenient access to required information for interested parties and achieve short distances between the customer and equipment provider, who can be quickly on-site on request.”

At the SEMICON Taiwan event AP&S and STC will present the full range of AP&S wet process solutions. Highlights of the single wafer area will be the unique AP&S SpinLift-off tool, which processes with DMSO (an EH&S uncritical substance) and the SpinMask tool, which provides outstanding mask cleaning results.

Within the wet bench portfolio the partners will emphasize the A-Series wet process tool, which is available with 100 wafer half-space feature for high volume production and the AP&S Vulcanio bench, a fully automated e-less plating tool. Both wet benches are capable of handling up to 300 mm wafers.

All interested parties are welcome at the booth 462, 4th floor. Requests for a meeting at the trade fair can be sent to oliver.pohl@ap-s.de


Together for the goal – AP&S is the main sponsor of the German athlete Christoph Kessler


“Together for the goal“ is the slogan, which accompanies the AP&S sponsoring of the middle distance runner Christoph Kessler. Since the beginning of 2017 the company has been the main sponsor of the athlete.

Christoph Kessler, born in Donaueschingen (city, where the company headquarters is located), convinces with his outstanding performance: 1st Place of the German best list in the 800 m run in June, 2 gold medals at the German Junior Championship in the 800 m race as well as in the 4 x 400 m relay he has already achieved this year in a row. Other exciting challenges such as the participation in the Universiade in Taiwan are coming soon.

“The success of Christoph Kessler is determined by hard training, which is associated with a great deal of discipline and passion for the sport. This commitment is admirable,“ says Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO of AP&S. “We met Christoph Kessler during an internship, which he completed in our company. We are pleased to support this dynamic, young man in achieving his sporting goals.”

Christoph Kessler about the cooperation: “I am glad to have AP&S as the main sponsor by my side. In the middle distance running speed, endurance and timing count. The exercise requires high force and time effort. The AP&S sponsoring allows me to concentrate on the two issues, which are of top priority for me: the sport and my studies in Process Engineering.“

At the first sight mechanical engineering and middle distance run have nothing in common. On closer inspection, however, parallels can be drawn. That is why AP&S has decided to use images of Christoph Kessler in a new advertising campaign. “Our wet process applications also focus on maximum speed in the production and endurance in terms of sustainable performance. The result is efficient application performance. We are already excited about the feedback from our target group on the new campaign. Further we hope that the campaign will attract more media attention on the middle distance running, which this challenging sport deserves,“ explains Aljona Barberio, responsible for marketing at AP&S.

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New in-house application laboratory at the AP&S headquarters – A key component of the company’s customer-oriented wet process development

Demo Center, AP&S, wet process demonstration

In 2016 AP&S International GmbH made significant investments in the expansion and modernization of its in-house laboratory. The size of the laboratory has almost tripled - originally 23 m³, now after the renovation it occupies an area of 66 m³. Since reopening in 2017 the new, modified laboratory, called Demo Center, welcomes customers from all over the world and offers them a variety of single wafer process demonstrations.

The purchase of a wet process application is a significant decision, in which many important aspects and complex contexts have to be considered. AP&S sees it as a mission to support customers efficiently during the decision making process to ensure they receive the perfect wet process solution that meets their specific requirements. This happens in the Demo Center, where customers can test the wet process application, in which they are interested in and get all crucial information such as a comprehensive test report containing complete parameters of the process set-up, a recommendation for the process recipe due to test results and further important system configuration details.

The Demo Center plays a significant role not only before the booking, but also during the production of the ordered application. Prior to the tool delivery, the Demo Center prepares all relevant steps for a quick tool commissioning and optimal production start-up. The range of services includes an in-house process evaluation with a definition of process parameters, a calculation of the throughput and chemical consumption as well as trainings for customer’s staff.

Available process demonstrations in the Demo Center are: advanced metal lift-off, metal etching, mask cleaning, photoresist development and strip as well as various cleaning processes. The following wafer sizes can be handled: Diameter (round substrates) up to 300 mm; Side length (square substrates) up to 9“; Thickness up to 10 mm. Possible chuck variations are low contact chucks, various vacuum chucks as well as back- or frontside protection chucks. Different wafer materials with various thicknesses can be processed like Si, SiC, GaN, GaAs, Sapphire, Glass, etc. as well as Taiko wafers – other materials and substrate types are possible.

Further technical specifications of the AP&S Demo Center can be found in the appropriate section here. A visit request can be sent conveniently via this online form


Commitment to the campaign "Unity. Justice. Freedom."

AP&S International GmbH shows commitment to the current campaign "Unity. Justice. Freedom.“ of WVIB (The Trade Association of Industrial Enterprises in the Baden Region, Germany). The campaign highlights the basic values of German democracy, shows which significant role these play for a modern, strong Germany and a united, stable Europe and points out the importance of each individual’s commitment to preserve these values.

Germany faces many challenges. However, we should not forget what Germany and Europe have already achieved. On the association’s website you can read the following: "Europe is, despite some difficulties, a worldwide unique area of peace, justice, tolerance and prosperity“.

Alexander Laufer-Müller, CEO of AP&S International GmbH, agrees with this statement and adds: "Tolerance and respect for other cultures and countries form the cornerstones of the global market economy. Our company proudly carries the word "International" in the company name. Cooperation and continuous dialogue with our customers and business partners worldwide are the keys to fast progress and development of pioneering innovations in our industry. Equality and equal opportunities are solid components of our corporate philosophy: The employees are the most valuable asset of any company. The commitment of each individual determines the success. Respectful interaction with each other and mutual support characterize our work at AP&S.”

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Picture: Chief Experience Sharing Meeting of WVIB members, on 27 April 2017 in the Heinrich Sauter techn. Federn GmbH production plant in Singen and Furtwangen, Germany.

WVIB, Einigkeit. Recht. Freiheit.


AP&S offers a unique metal lift-off process for the LED manufacturing industry

Metal-lift-off, wet process tool, wet process solutions, single wafer

At the beginning of 2017 the AP&S metal lift-off process, which was launched in 2012 and runs successfully at several AP&S key customers sites within Europe today, was further developed and adjusted for the use in LED production.

“The lighting market is of high interest for our company. The semiconductor-based technologies like LEDs are on the rise and manufacturers of LED lighting systems are looking for reliable partners offering them depth of technical expertise and efficient solutions. The AP&S range already includes several wet process tools for this industry. However, we decided to further develop our existing metal lift-off process in order to meet the specific requirements of the LED sector. Now we are able to offer our customers a revolutionary solution, perfectly fitting to their key challenges like automated high volume production, prevention of damages on the substrate and ensuring of highest quality results”, says Uwe Müller, Director Business Unit Single Wafer.

The AP&S metal lift-off process is a single wafer spin process, offering three outstanding USP’s: 

  1. Superb solvent performance, without impact on substrate and structures
  2. Use of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), an EH&S uncritical substance (EU & US)
  3. Optimized process time with an positive impact to the overall throughput 

Common wet chemical lift-off processes work with batch immersion or spray application, which often cause critical residues and x-contamination, such as metal flakes. Another commonly used technology for performing lift-off is based on the single wafer spin clean, which requires mandatory pre-soak and high temperature for solvents. Further disadvantage of these equipment technologies is the use of chemicals like NMP (n-methyl-2-pyrolidone) or Acetone. NMP is an EH&S critical substance, which causes severe irritation at skin, eye area as well as in respiratory system and carries the risk to damage fertility and harm unborn child. Acetone is highly flammable and residues after processing with acetone represent a well-known problem.

By using DMSO at elevated temperatures combined with Megasonic agitation AP&S metal lift-off process offers high safety for workers, environment and equipment and guarantees a constant solvent performance over an extended period. The process guarantees damage free lift-off for sensitive applications and sensitive substrates. There are no residues left on the substrate after processing and DMSO substance itself is easy to rinse off with DI water or lower solvent. For the AP&S customers it means low chemical consumption, cost reduction in the production chain and enhanced process capability.

The AP&S lift-off solution is available for all types of metal layers, alloys and further protection layers used in the semiconductor industry. All interested parties are welcome to test the AP&S metal lift-off process in the AP&S demo center, an in-house application laboratory at the company’s headquarters in Donaueschingen, Germany. “I look forward to welcome customers and potential partners in our demo center and to demonstrate them our unique metal lift-off process. Our whole process developing team is curious about receiving feedback concerning our specially adjusted solution for the LED market”, concludes Stefan Zürcher, responsible Process Engineer.


AP&S International GmbH achieves competitive advantage by investing in a new ultra-high purity water system

The investment of AP&S International GmbH (AP&S) in a ultra-high purity water system (UHPW) pays off. The system, with a state-of-the art concept brings not only pure water and cost savings, but primarily technological progress, considerable benefits for the customers and consequently competitive advantage for AP&S in the international equipment market.

Since the beginning of 2017 the new UHPW system is in operation at the AP&S manufacturing facility in Donaueschingen, Germany. The system reduces the impurities of city water residues up to the ultratrace level of <1ppb per cationic element. The system was installed by Hager & Elsässer (H&E) from Stuttgart, Germany. H&E provides industrial water treatment systems for more than 40 years and is one of the technological leaders in this field of UHPW concepts.

The main reason for the investment decision lies in the strong requirements on stability and purity of wet process applications in the semiconductor industry. Before a new wet process application can be used in production, it has to fulfill and demonstrate the required purity specifications. In practice, it means that before commissioning long-term rinsing and cleaning process at customer’s fab is necessary, which is associated with time, resources and material consumption.

The AP&S process engineer team recognized that an optimization of this process-set up would bring considerable advantages for the customers. Thus the basic idea for the project was born. In 2016, the investment and installation of the new UHPW system followed.

Stefan Zürcher, Process Engineer at AP&S, sums up the most important advantages of the new water system:  „Less water consumption and lower costs, associated with calculable risk of process hardware purity, which is monitored by on-line analytics, are the cornerstones of the new system. Additional new feature is that the used water can be recycled internally.  The UHPW system has a storage capacity of 6-8 m³ of UHPW and a production capacity of 3m³ water per hour. The purified water is used for rinsing, cleaning and conditioning of the AP&S tools and the facility. “

Prior to delivery to customers the AP&S tools are rinsed with the ultra-high purity water and qualified with optical particle counters (OLC’s @ > 0.1 μm resolution). Samples for trace impurity measurements are checked for cation concentrations typically to levels <1ppb each. An ICP-MS or GF-AAS is used in an external laboratory close by.

The value add for each customer is, that tools can be much faster qualified, less effort is needed on site and defect density requirements for production output can be achieved much faster.

„The new water system enables AP&S to provide customer wet process applications, which meet the highest SC-technology standards“, says Robert Preisser, Adjunct Professor at AP&S, who has initiated, specified and supported the project.

 „With the implementation of this advanced water treatment technology, AP&S has put itself at the forefront of the medium-sized equipment providers for wet process solutions, which support the semiconductor and nanotechnology industries around the globe“, adds CEO of AP&S Alexandra Laufer-Müller. 

Picture: Inspection of the new water treatment by the representatives of the district administration office and the trade supervisory at the AP&S headquarters in Donaueschingen: (left to right) Ursula K. Schübel from the environment protection department, district office for the Black Forest Region; Robert Preisser, Adjunct Professor at AP&S; Stefan Zürcher, Process Engineer at AP&S; Ortwin Geschke from the trade supervisory office of the Black Forest Region; Philipp Scheu, Head of Production at AP&S; Christian Mayer, Director Manufacturing & Logistics at AP&S; Wolfgang Gebicke, Key Market Manager at H+E Stuttgart.

Ultra-high purity water system at AP&S headquarters


Three successful days at Semicon China 2017

From 14th to 16th March 2017 AP&S International GmbH exhibited at Semicon China, one of the leading trade fairs for the semiconductor manufacturing industry in China. “Our participation in Semicon China 2017 was a great success. The interest in the AP&S wet process solutions was high. We have had a plenty of visitors at our booth: fantastic meetings with our customers and interesting discussions with potentials.” says Horst Hall, shareholder of the AP&S International GmbH.

Oliver Pohl, Manager Technical Sales, who travelled to the exhibition from the German headquarters for the first time, returned with a very positive impression: “It was a fantastic show. My congratulations to the trade fair organisers, they did a very good job. In the next couple of weeks our sales team will have to follow-up many leads. And that is exactly what counts and what makes the outcome of a trade fair participation successful. We are looking forward to being here again next year.”


AP&S employees celebrate their jubilee: Trip to the ice hockey game of the famous local team Wild Wings of Schwenningen

The 14 AP&S colleagues, who have celebrated their 10-year employment with the company incl. the tepcon GmbH people in 2016 and 2017, enjoyed the full attention at the last company’s general meeting. 

Everyone could see the enthusiastic mood of the group and the great atmosphere from their common trip to the ice hockey match between Wild Wings and ERS Ingolstadt in the Helios Arena was still present.

„At AP&S we reward company loyalty. Therefore we always offer something special to our employees, who are with us for such a long period of time, like 10 years“, says Cäcilia Wegner, Head of the Human Resources Department of the AP&S GmbH. “This year it was the trip to the Schwenninger Wild Wings play. The victory of the local team was clearly the cherry on the cake. After the exciting match the group visited a local restaurant and enjoyed a traditional Black Forest buffet.“

Tobias Drixler, one of the group about the trip: „It was a great surprise and an unforgettable day.“

The official honor ceremony followed at the general meeting, to which the whole staff was invited. CEO of the AP&S GmbH Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO of the tepcon GmbH Christoph Kluge as well as the shareholder Horst Hall thanked the colleagues for their loyalty, expressed their appreciation for their commitment and handed over some gifts. Afterwards the glasses were raised in a toast to the next common years.

On the picture (left to right): CEO of the AP&S GmbH Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO of the tepcon GmbH Christoph Kluge, Tobias Drixler, Oliver Josuweit, Thomas Seitz, Silvie Saverino-Vollmer, Achim Dörflinger, Mario Bühler, Bernd Heizmann, Andreas Liersch (tepcon), Gabriele Kluge (tepcon), Shareholder of the AP&S GmbH Horst Hall. Also honored were Anja Marx, Oliver Hittmeyer, Clemens Bollin, Bernard Winker (not on the picture).


Wet process innovations and advanced concepts await visitors at the AP&S booth at Semicon China 2017

Semicon China – a key event for the semiconductor manufacturing industry in China will kick off in one week in the New International Exhibition Centre in Shanghai.

AP&S International GmbH, one of the leading suppliers of wet process technology worldwide, will display its innovations at the booth 2316, German Pavilion, Hall W2.

“2017 is an exciting year for AP&S. We have many highlights to present to our visitors” says Horst Hall, shareholder of AP&S. “With focus on the increase of customer value, we made significant investments in the following three areas last year: After Sales Services business unit, Software development and In-house application laboratory. Now we are able to offer our customers more comfort through all-round support for their fab: technical support, upgrades, trainings and refurbishment, just to name a few, - all is now available from one source. Higher process efficiency is offered by our future proof 4.0 industry software solutions. Security and process experience is what customers receive by their visit in our in-house laboratory. I really look forward to explain these advanced concepts to our visitors at Semicon China.”

“We invite everyone, involved in the semiconductor-, MEMS- and micro-structuring production processes to visit our booth. High flexibility is what makes our modular product spectrum unique in the market. Whether a standard wet process tool or a customer-specific solution is required, our range includes the right solution, perfectly fitting to customers’ needs”, adds Wenjian Gu, Head of the AP&S China location. 


AP&S at Semicon Europa 2016

After SEMICON Europe has closed its doors, it is time to draw a conclusion. This trade show in Grenoble was definitely one of the most successful in the company history. The positive responses for our booth and the topics we presented led to a remarkable amount of interesting new contacts. Innovations like your brand new FSI refurbishment concepts or our improvements to our single wafer equipment were essential for a successful trade show.

The international audience at Grenoble also appreciated the fact that last year we further expanded our service network, as well as our network of worldwide representatives and partners within the semiconductor industry. All in all, we are optimistic that we can achieve new sales records for this trade show and therefore would like to thank all the visitors of our booth, our trade show partner Metrohm and, of course, the local organizers at SEMI.

AP&S at Semicon Europa 2016
AP&S at Semicon Europa 2016
AP&S at Semicon Europa 2016
AP&S at Semicon Europa 2016


AP&S at Semicon West 2016

In 2016 AP&S was a proud exhibitor at the Semicon West 2016 in San Francisco, California. As the industry leading trade show in the US, taking place at one of the most beautiful places in the world, the fair of course was very well attended again.

Because we are very pleased with the growing interest in our parts cleaning tool "CleanStep Carrier & Box", we focused our booth at the trade show in San Francisco to present this product to a great audience. Also, but not exclusively due to the presented tool, our whole product and service portfolio was a great success during the trade show. It has been confirmed that especially our new lift-off spin processor and the opportunity to refurbish tools of type FSI Mercury will lead to a great amount of new sales opportunities in the near future.

AP&S at Semicon West 2016
AP&S at Semicon West 2016


Local children experience technology at AP&S headquarters

Local kindergarten group visits AP&S at headquarters in Donaueschingen

AP&S is always focused on the future. Following this spirit the little children of the local kindergarten who are member of the so called "Johan Technolinchen Group" are always welcome at the headquarters of AP&S.

Since 2013 the children are experiencing a playful insight into the basics of natural science and technology in several companies around Donaueschingen. This time they visited AP&S and had a joyful time while constructing a small wooden plane together with our production manager Philipp Scheu and our training manager Natalie Rettich. All small visitors did their job really well and enjoyed the following tournament in throwing the plane as far as possible.

Our thanks goes to the local kindergarten teachers Julia Doser and Sabrina Schreiber for a funny morning with laughing children.


AP&S at 35th CMP and 6th Wet Users Meeting

The wet process industry is a market segment that is constantly in motion. To track the business trends, or better yet, to set trends, it is therefore essential to participate at specialized meetings of the industry. The yearly CMP and Wet Users Meetings is one of the leading events in Europe for that purpose and as such a important event for our Experts to participate.

In 2016, the agenda of the meeting, which took place in marvelous Salzburg was once again influenced by a variety of participants. To meet the company's claim to set trends AP&S also participated with 2 presentations during the Wet Users Meeting. We can therefore say that this year's meeting was a great success for our company and that we look forward already to participate next year, when the seventh edition of the established meeting takes place.

AP&S at 6th Wet Users Meeting in Salzburg
AP&S at 6th Wet Users Meeting in Salzburg


WVIB experience circle meets at AP&S Headquarters

WVIB Chef Erfa 41 at AP&S Headquarters in Donaueschingen

Within its event series the WVIB [Business Association of Industrial Enterprises Baden e.V.] offers experience circles in which current, cross-company issues are discussed. One of this circle events, the chief Erfa for CEO, now took place at the Headquarters of AP&S, the manufacturer of wet process equipment from Donaueschingen.

What was on the agenda?

Directly after greeting, Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO of AP&S, supported by the heads of departments, lectured about the product range and history of the company. During the following tour throughout the company those topics were deepened plastically before Mrs. Laufer-Müller finally invited all participants to the lunch buffet. In the afternoon program there was a case study on AP&S before Christoph Kluge, managing director of the subsidiary tepcon GmbH presented how the competence of his company will help AP&S to break new ground in Sensor, HMI and machine operation. In this way we would like to thank all participants for a great event and hope that everyone could enjoy the day at AP&S.


Development of wafer-coating

Wafer Coating by Gemue and AP&S

In one of its R&D projects GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG is working on a solution for homogeneous coating of semiconductor substrates for AP&S International GmbH. The so called “wafer-coating” can be designed for individual substrate sizes and can be used for various applications in semiconductor wet processes, from development up to different etch processes.

From August 2016 the “wafer-coating” can be demonstrated in the new demo center in AP&S headquarter. For further information please contact us or our partner.


AP&S acquires majority holding in local software specialist

At AP&S we always strive to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers in every field concerning our products. As leading provider of wet process tools and wet process equipment we are well aware of the fact, that today and even more in future software will be such an important part of our products.

In order to take this into account we recently acquired a majority holding in a local software specialist company called tepcon GmbH. The know-how of our new partner will help us to deliver industry leading software together with our wet process equipment and to reinforce our efforts in the research and development of innovative software systems.


AP&S Lab team lays the foundation for the new demo center

Finally the construction of our new demonstration lab is well under way. Although so far there isn’t so much to see of our new laboratory, our customers can count on even more application demonstration possibilities to be provided by AP&S in the near future. Until then, we will be happy to keep you up to date with the progress of our demonstration center expansion. We hope you are just as full of anticipation as we are when we think of the new possibilities to come with our brand new demo center.

AP&S Demo Center


AP&S announces new representative for Russia and the CIS territory

We are proud to announce Ostek Enterprise Ltd. as our new representative for Russia and the CIS territory. The company is one of the biggest engineering companies in the region and an expert in the field of advanced electronic manufacturing. More than 270 employees and a team of more than 50 service engineers with a lot of expertise in the field of special purpose engineering will help us to be able to service and support the growing Russian market even better in future projects.

To read more about our new partner visit the official Ostek website: http://eng.ostec-materials.ru/


AP&S provides workplace for refugee from Syria

The current situation in the world and the effects of war in Syria have – in the meantime - reached our town in Germany. The country of Baden-Würtemberg built-up a big reception centre for refugees in Donaueschingen. All of you might be aware of the fact that most of these people coming over are looking for a better, peaceful life in Germany, want to contribute to our economy, are motivated and - are seeking for jobs and perspectives.

Indeed, some of them possess qualification and we believe that they meet the expectations in terms of being potential employees for local companies. AP&S is an international company with customers all over the world. Furthermore, we have global workforce; open minds and broader thinking are parts of our culture and are intended to have effects on our economic activities and social responsibility. Therefore we are proud to announce that last August we hired an high-potential engineer from Aleppo, a refugee which offers us his wide array of professional experience.


Cooperation between AP&S and AMMT reaches next stage

After many outstanding, very successful and sustaining projects, we are proud to announce that AP&S and AMMT will deepen their existing cooperation in the fields of Wet etching, Porous Silicon Etching and Electroplating.

The key factor in this cooperation is a perfect match of know-how in terms of guaranteeing our customers and emerging markets all well-known and comfortable high quality standards. Moreover the objective of this cooperation is to find innovative and reliable solutions for a continuous improvement to master our global challenges and responsibilities.

This year’s Semicon was the perfect starting point for our new cooperation and a very significant exhibition for both companies. Thanks to all visitors and to Dr. Nitzschmann from AMMT who perfectly reflected his know-how on our shared booth.

AP&S Team at Semicon Europa 2015
AP&S presents Lift-off process at Semicon 2015
AP&S booth at Semicon 2015
AP&S Team at Semicon Dresden


AP&S shows innovative technologies at Semicon Europa 2015

Also this year AP&S participates in SEMICON Europa 2015, the industry leading trade show in semiconductor business. Visitors of our booth will see our latest innovations in product development as well as innovative approaches to implement future proof hard- and software technologies into our wet process tools. 

We look forward to seeing you at our booth no. 1566.


Come see us at Semicon Russia 2015

AP&S participates in SEMICON Russia, the leading trade show in Russia for microelectronics manufacturing. At the show you will not only see and get to know our products on a first hand basis, but also get in touch with other companies, people, products and trends moving our industry forward and shaping the future of design and manufacturing for semiconductor, MEMS, Photovoltaic and related industries.

As every year, we will exhibit our latest batch and single wafer tool portfolio. In terms of fulfilling a wide range of application challenges for our clients we will also show you our solutions in research of innovative technologies, such as our new lift-off process. Visit us at Expocentre Moscow, booth no. 307.


AP&S featured modular wet bench design at Semicon China 2015

For the 11th time AP&S was a proud exhibitor at Semicon China 2015 in Shanghai. A great number of Chinese and international visitors showed their interest in our improved wet bench solutions and recently created single wafer systems and brought us their newest project challenges.

The most important innovation we presented during the exhibition was our optimized modular design which can be very cost-effective. The number of new contacts and concrete orders we have on hand is solid proof of the well-known quality of our wet bench solutions within the largest economy of the global market.

We would like to thank everybody for visiting our booth and, of course, look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

AP&S at Semicon China 2015
Horst Hall at Semicon China 2015


AP&S Open Day 2015

On Saturday, March 14, the official Open Day 2015 took place at AP&S headquarters in Donaueschingen.

The thought of providing our visitors with an exclusive "behind the scenes" tour of a plant manufacturer in the wet process technology, even if for a brief time, was entertained by nearly everyone from AP&S. One highlight of our open day was the tour through the manufacturing and clean rooms, where our guests gained remarkable insights into the AP&S wet process systems which are appreciated from customers all over the world.

Through the tour of our business processes in the production area, our visitors learned how AP&S has developed and grown over the last year. Most of our employees and guests had lunch, coffee and cakes. The younger ones (and also the youthful adults) enjoyed our bouncing castle.

We would like to thank our guests and all the contributors for this successful event and look forward to meeting them all again in 2016.


AP&S to invite members of surface expert group from "MicroTEC Südwest"

For several years the attendees of the “surface expert group”, a Cluster of MicroTEC Südwest, have been meeting on a regular basis. The 5th group meeting on January 29th was hosted at AP&S headquarters in Donaueschingen.

Discussions and knowledge exchange of “Light induced electroless plating of nickel on silicon”, “Application of plasma in surface treatment”, and many other topics were offered during various speeches and discussions. Dr. Michael Sowa, co-organizer and AP&S guest speaker, provides an insight of the meeting with the claim: "The really pleasant meeting environment was reflected by the large number of experts attending as well as the highly professional and cooperative working atmosphere. It's obvious that Germany and especially our region has many competitive high-potentials in the field of surface treatment."

Our thanks to all participants and especially to Dr. Christine Neuy, the responsible cluster manager from MicroTEC Südwest.

Dr. Michael Sowa from AP&S speaks to members of surface expert group from MicroTEC Südwest
Dr. Michael Sowa from AP&S speaks to members of surface expert group in cleanroom
Dr. Michael Sowa from AP&S speaks to members of surface expert group in front of a wet bench system
Members of surface expert group of MicroTec Südwest discussing at AP&S headquarters in Donaueschingen


AP&S supports local school partnership with Sri Lanka

As a global manufacturing company, sustainability is embedded in the culture of AP&S. One result is our continued effort to strengthen and support the local project AJANTHA“.

This project was based on a concept from Realschule Donaueschingen and embraces several economic, social, cultural and ecological ideas. It is an approach to raise children’s awareness of something called the Fairtrade-Idea. With the skills the children have now participating in the local school employee trade company, they are producing, importing and selling regional Fairtrade-products from Germany and Sri Lanka.

By sponsoring flights or paying for several give-away articles we have been contributing for several years now to this project and are proud to give where we can make a difference in this project.

AP&S supports local school project AJANTHA


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Season‘s greetings and a sincere thank you to all our customers and partners for your confidence in AP&S.

We are proud to announce that we have had the most successful year ever in our history, which will leave a lasting impact. However, we are well aware that not every person around the world had such an excellent year. For this reason, we would like to share our success with a number of these people. In this special year we focus on children and support the child project www.kinderprojekt-arche.eu through a financial gift to make life better for those children in need.

By this donation we, our customers and partners, without whom the donation would not have been possible, will allow children who are affected by emotional or material poverty to celebrate a blessed Christmas 2014.


AP&S expands its test and development center

AP&S single wafer demo center

The active support is always helping to optimize the excellent business relationships with our customers all over the world. Because our wet process system usually need to cater to individual problems of our customers, we are always attempting to meet demands of innovative and functional solutions. With our highly experienced staff ant the establishment of our own single wafer demo center in Donaueschingen, we are now very well positioned to collaborate with them at an eye-to-eye level.

"Our test and development center indeed became an important factor for our competitiveness. For example at lift-off processing areas we developed and now offer a new method to replace the sometimes problematical NMP by DMSO without disadvantages for the process itself" stated Uwe Müller, Director Business Unit SEMI|PARTS

In order to continue our success story in the future, AP&S International GmbH will invest and spend continuously in research and development. The first step has already been taken by expanding the cleanroom space of the demo center at our Headquarters in Donaueschingen. We clearly express the importance of building a strong relationship with our customers and leading research institutes. Our experts want to be "the first address" to work together and bring innovative solutions to the wet process industry.


AP&S at Semicon Europe 2014

Also this year, AP&S was a proud exhibitor and presenter at the Semicon Europe which took place "Au-Pied-Des-Alpes (at the foot of the Alpes)" in Grenoble, France.

The exhibition offered amazing opportunities to present and discuss new products, unique challenges and upcoming projects with our customers and other experts.

Particularly, our single wafer platform "SpinStep" product presentations on displays and our half space carrier with 100 wafers of 200mm size were eye-catchers, and many visitors made sure to visit our booth.

Overall, Semicon Europe 2014 in Grenoble was a great success for AP&S and we are well positioned to participate in Semicon Europe 2015.

AP&S at Semicon Europa 2014 - 1
AP&S at Semicon Europa 2014 - 2
AP&S at Semicon Europa 2014 - 3
AP&S at Semicon Europa 2014 - 4


AP&S sponsors youth volleyball team

AP & S stands for success through quality, continuity and endurance. We understand that our success is based on the innovative power and commitment of our employees. Therefore, in order to support our region, we are passionately committed to sponsorship.

Our newest advertising medium are the girls from the volleyball division of the gymnastics club Donaueschingen. The team around coach Andrea Tony presents itself during this season in a nice jersey sponsored by AP&S.

We think the girls look very pretty in their new shirts and wish them every success for this year's championship.

The girls team from the volleyball division of the gymnastic club donaueschingen.


Personnel reinforcement of our service team in Dresden

We are pleased to introduce Steffen Schöne, a new employee at our office in Dresden.

With many years of experience providing service in the Semiconductor industry, Mr. Schöne is able to strengthen our team straight away. Furthermore he will support us in developing and expanding the potential of our Service team.


AP&S at Semicon West 2014

This year AP&S International GmbH presented its portfolio of wet benches, single wafer systems and parts cleaning equipment at the Semicon West in San Francisco. Total of 26.000 people visited the exhibition, which gave us the perfect opportunity to reach customers from all over the world. AP&S wants to thank not only the numerous visitors and participants of the exhibition but also the local organization team for their great support.


AP&S, a "Digital World Enabler"

This year’s Silicon Saxony Day on July 3rd was themed all of “Microelectronics Enabling the Digital World”. The event offered an amazing opportunity to exchange information and experience on new technologies and on-going trends like “Smart Fab”, “Smart Life”, “Smart Optics” and “Smart Energy”. Your interest was highly appreciated highly and AP&S wants to thank not only all attendees and visitors for stopping by our booth but also the Silicon Saxony team for the very well-organized general program.


AP&S supports local youth project

AP&S holds a view that is always focused on the future, and according to this principle the children of the Aasen kindergarten who are member of the "Technolino Group" were experiencing a funny day at our headquarters.

The "Technolino" project was initiated by the Südwestmetall employer association for giving the youth a playful insight into the basics of natural science and technology.

Working on their day task of forming a wooden moose, the kids were supervised by two of our trainees at AP&S as well as the kindergarten teachers. To experience AP&S business, which focuses on wet technology, the kids were equipped with a clean room outfit and had much fun with it.

At AP&S we do think that all children can be really proud of their results and wish them more funny days on their way to reach the "Technolino diploma".


Successful presentation at SEMICON Russia 2014

This year’s SEMICON Russia, which took place from May 14th to May 15th, was a great success for AP&S. We were pleased to be confirmed of being well positioned in the growing market of the semiconductor industry, and are very proud of our single-wafer systems and our wet benches achieving a high level of attention.

We would like to thank everyone for visiting our booth and we look forward to the prospective development of the contacts made at the exhibition.

AP&S at Semicon Russia


AP&S receives award for being a family-friendly workplace

We are proud to announce that our company has been awarded by the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) as one of the most family-friendly companies in the entire region. At a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce in Villingen CFO Alexandra Laufer-Müller informed about the family-friendly offers of the company such as parental leave, home-office and the resulting benefits like higher motivation and loyalty of the employees.

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Congratulations to the winner of our lottery

In our January newsletter there was a lottery for all our customers to participate. The goal was to demonstrate the efficiency of our new configuration tool for the “Cleanstep CBI/II/III”.

Being overwhelmed by the number of participants – we want to thank all of you for the participation in this drawing.

Many congratulations to the winner of the drawing: we hope you enjoy your new iPad Air. Thank you a lot for your cooperation.

The positive feedback that we received from all participants made us to release our configuration tool to all our customers. From now on you will find it in the section “Products/Parts Cleaning Equipment” on our website.


AP&S GmbH participates in the 15th forum “economy and education”

Ensuring the supply of education is one of the most important tasks of the future.

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AP&S GmbH is pleased to announce support of educational program “Technolino” at nursery school Aasen


10 years AP&S International GmbH

In 2013, AP&S International GmbH is celebrating the decennial anniversary.

Our commitment to meeting visitor’s interest in our company was shown in one way by coming up with an open day at end of April.

However the true day of anniversary on July 1st, 2013 was celebrated by all employees. Among the top priorities were award ceremony and recognition of 8 employees which are lending their outstanding support to our company since the beginning in 2003.

Open day on April 28th, 2013:


Successful exhibition at the Heimmattage

The Heimmattage 2012 in Donaueschingen were well attended and the event was a great success for all participants and visitors. Of course AP&S was also among the exhibitors of local businesses in the Donauhalle and presented the company's product and service portfolio as well as interesting job prospects for young apprentices and young professionals. A special highlight was the visit by Winfried Kretschmann. The Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg also visited the booth of AP&S on Sunday together with Donaueschingen's Mayor Thorsten Frey and was very interested in the innovative wet process solutions that arise here in Donaueschingen.

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The CleanStep Carrier Box significantly reducing the time required for carrier/FOUP cleaning and drying, delivers maximized productivity and superior technology by combining multiple work steps in one single tool.

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The SpinMask combines cleaning and drying of masks or other substrates of different cleaning applications with chemicals, integrated mega sonic system or brushes, easy handling, fully integrated process control and process monitoring.

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The fully automated Chemical Management System is designed to handle acids, solvents and caustics used in the semiconductor, micro mechanic and solar industries.