NID dryer

NID dryer

NID stands for Nitrogen-IPA-Dispense. The drying principle is based on the Marangoni effect: An IPA/N2 gas is introduced in the process chamber, which causes the formation of a thin IPA layer on the DI water surface. Afterwards the DI water is drained at an adjustable speed.

The Marangoni drying effect occurs: The differential surface tension between IPA layer and DI water forces the liquid to float down the water bulk.

As soon as the process chamber is empty, hot N2 removes final traces of humidity from the process cassette.

The NID dryer is available as an automated batch wafer dryer or as a stand-alone system.

Advantages of the NID Dryer are process reliability, high-quality results and optimized drying time:
 no wafer breakage, thin wafer capable
 low particle counts
 several wafer sizes can be processed in one dryer
 low IPA consumption
 IPA concentration monitoring
 stable IPA temperature thanks to the AP&S IPA temperature control unit    

Data Sheet NID dryer

Further wafer drying techniques offered by AP&S are hot air, spin dry or Marangoni with lift.

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The CleanStep Carrier Box significantly reducing the time required for carrier/FOUP cleaning and drying, delivers maximized productivity and superior technology by combining multiple work steps in one single tool.

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The SpinMask combines cleaning and drying of masks or other substrates of different cleaning applications with chemicals, integrated mega sonic system or brushes, easy handling, fully integrated process control and process monitoring.

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The fully automated Chemical Management System is designed to handle acids, solvents and caustics used in the semiconductor, micro mechanic and solar industries.