Wet process tools, wet process applications

Full range of wet process solutions

Whether a standard tool or a customer-specific solution is required: Our modular product spectrum is tailored to your needs!

The AP&S product range includes manual, semi-automated and fully automated tools. These are ready for cleaning, etching, metal etching, PR strip, electroless plating, lift-off, drying, coating and developing processes.

Batch process tools 

  • Reliable and high throughput according to customers’ demands up to 12” wafers
  • Flexibility through our modular batch design concept 

Single wafer tools 

  • Unique in reproducibility, stability and user-friendliness
  • High flexibility through our modular single wafer concept 

Production support 

  • Wide range of production supporting tools for equipment parts cleaning and chemical supply management
  • All-round support for our customers’ fab




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The CleanStep Carrier Box significantly reducing the time required for carrier/FOUP cleaning and drying, delivers maximized productivity and superior technology by combining multiple work steps in one single tool.

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The SpinMask combines cleaning and drying of masks or other substrates of different cleaning applications with chemicals, integrated mega sonic system or brushes, easy handling, fully integrated process control and process monitoring.

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The fully automated Chemical Management System is designed to handle acids, solvents and caustics used in the semiconductor, micro mechanic and solar industries.