eless plating tool Vulcanio

Electroless plating wet bench Vulcanio

Vulcanio is a fully automatic wet bench that is especially designed for the UBM (Under Bumping Metallisation) of Aluminum or Copper pads (Nickel, Palladium, Immersion Gold).

Unique software and hardware features ensure exceptional deposition uniformity, bath longevity and unbeatable cost of ownership ratio. Analyzers and process-optimized dosage provide comprehensive process control for eless processing.
Outstanding throughput of this batch plating tool makes Vulcanio especially attractive for our customers.

This batch plating equipment (Ni, Pd, Au) is capable for up to 12" wafers and can be adjusted to customer's requirements.

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The CleanStep Carrier Box significantly reducing the time required for carrier/FOUP cleaning and drying, delivers maximized productivity and superior technology by combining multiple work steps in one single tool.

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The SpinMask combines cleaning and drying of masks or other substrates of different cleaning applications with chemicals, integrated mega sonic system or brushes, easy handling, fully integrated process control and process monitoring.

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The fully automated Chemical Management System is designed to handle acids, solvents and caustics used in the semiconductor, micro mechanic and solar industries.