Unique metal lift-off process deveoped by AP&S

single wafer wet process tool

AP&S has developed an advanced metal lift-off spin process, offering three outstanding USP's:  

  • Superb solvent performance, without impact on substrate and structures
  • Use of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), an EH&S uncritical substance (EU & US)
  • Optimized process time with an positive impact to the overall throughput

Common wet chemical lift-off processes work with batch immersion or spray application, which often cause critical residues and x-contamination, such as metal flakes. Another commonly used technology for performing lift-off is based on the single wafer spin clean, which requires mandatory pre-soak and high temperature for solvents. Further disadvantage of these equipment technologies is the use of chemicals like NMP (n-methyl-2-pyrolidone) or Acetone. NMP is an EH&S critical substance, which causes severe irritation at skin, eye area as well as in respiratory system and carries the risk to damage fertility and harm unborn child. Acetone is highly flammable and residues after processing with acetone represent a well-known problem. Our innovative metal lift-off process solves all of these problems.

Features of the AP&S metal lift-off process: 

  • By using DMSO at elevated temperatures combined with Megasonic agitation AP&S metal lift-off process offers high safety for workers, environment and equipment and guarantees a constant solvent performance over an extended period.
  • The process guarantees damage free lift-off for sensitive applications and sensitive substrates.
  • There are no residues left on the substrate after processing and DMSO substance itself is easy to rinse off with DI water or lower solvent.

Benefits for our customers: 

  • Low chemical consumption
  • Cost reduction in the production chain
  • Enhanced process capability

The AP&S metal lift-off solution is available for all types of metal layers, alloys and further protection layers used in the semiconductor industry like Au, Ag, AlCu, etc. Feel free to ask for a spin process demonstration at our AP&S Demo Center. 

Power your performance today and tomorrow with the unique AP&S metal lift-off process!

Read more in our news: "AP&S offers a unique metal lift-off process for the LED manufacturing industry

Metal lift-off process impressions

Lift-off spin processor - Phase 1
Lift-off spin processor - Phase 2
Lift-off spin processor - Phase 3
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