AP&S commitment to ice hockey


Since the ice hockey season 2017/2018 AP&S International GmbH has been a sponsor of the famous hockey team Wild Wings and Wild Wings Future, the promoting young talent department, both from Schwenningen, a German town close to the AP&S headquarters. Furthermore, the company supports the ice skating school of the Ice Sport Club Dresden Association in the city Dresden, where an AP&S subsidiary is located offering on-site support for many key customers, based in this region.

„Ice hockey is fascinating and challenging, as this combines ice skating with team spirit, tactics and speed. An ice rink, like the one we have fortunately for our region in Schwenningen, enabling the regular practice, is a basic requirement. The operation of an ice rink is expensive, in addition there are further expenses such as for the player equipment. We from AP&S are glad to support the exercise and development of this exciting sport. In doing so, we show solidarity with the Wild Wings team as well as appreciation for the committed work with the young talents from the Wild Wing Future and the Ice Lions Dresden groups“, explains Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO of AP&S.

Thomas Barth, CEO of the Ice Sport Club Dresden Association says: “We thank AP&S for the support. The company’s generous donation made the Christmas party 2017 and the gifts for our kids possible.”

The official statement by Wild Wings and Wild Wings Future on the cooperation says: „We are happy about the great cooperation with AP&S. Its commitment not only supports the top-level sport in our region, but also sets an important signal and actively supports the youth work of the Wild Wings and thus the pros of tomorrow.“ Stefan Kurth, 2. Executive Board of Wild Wings Future adds: „We would also like to thank Alexandra Laufer-Müller, the managing director of AP&S, personally for her dedication.“

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Home jersey handover on 24th February 2018 during the match Wild Wings (Schwenningen) against Eagles (Mannheim): AP&S supports #4 Boaz Bassen – a young ice hockey talent, member of the Wild Wings Future U19 team, originally from Illinois U.S., now located in Schwenningen, living out his passion for ice hockey, following in the footsteps of his father, a former Wild Wings Player. Picture: Boaz Bassen, Aljona Barberio with son (Marketing AP&S).