Commitment to the campaign „unity. justice. freedom.“


AP&S International GmbH shows commitment to the current campaign „Unity. Justice. Freedom.“ of WVIB.

AP&S International GmbH shows commitment to the current campaign „Unity. Justice. Freedom.“ of WVIB (The Trade Association of Industrial Enterprises in the Baden Region, Germany). The campaign highlights the basic values of German democracy, shows which significant role these play for a modern, strong Germany and a united, stable Europe and points out the importance of each individual’s commitment to preserve these values.

Germany faces many challenges. However, we should not forget what Germany and Europe have already achieved. On the association’s website you can read the following: „Europe is, despite some difficulties, a worldwide unique area of peace, justice, tolerance and prosperity“.

Alexander Laufer-Müller, CEO of AP&S International GmbH, agrees with this statement and adds: „Tolerance and respect for other cultures and countries form the cornerstones of the global market economy. Our company proudly carries the word „International“ in the company name. Cooperation and continuous dialogue with our customers and business partners worldwide are the keys to fast progress and development of pioneering innovations in our industry. Equality and equal opportunities are solid components of our corporate philosophy: The employees are the most valuable asset of any company. The commitment of each individual determines the success. Respectful interaction with each other and mutual support characterize our work at AP&S.”

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Picture: Chief Experience Sharing Meeting of WVIB members, on 27 April 2017 in the Heinrich Sauter techn. Federn GmbH production plant in Singen and Furtwangen, Germany.