See you at the 14. Silicon Saxony day


Catch up the latest development: How will AR change your working life? That you will get to know in our presentation „Tangible Augmented Reality Solutions for the Industry“ at the #SiSax Day

On 18 June, the 14th Silicon Saxony Day will take place at the Congress Center of Dresden International Airport. Top-class keynotes, e.g. by Alexander Krock, Head of Google Cloud Customer Engineering DACH, on „Using Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Processes or Develop new Services“, a total of eight expert sessions including the AP&S presentation „Tangible Augmented Reality Solutions for the Industry“ by Christoph Kluge, Manager Software Development as well as an extensive trade exhibition and AI demonstrators are just some of the highlights. Our presentation at 10:40 highlights the significance of AR solutions for the industry, shown on the example of the semiconductor market: Which possibilities and chances does AR bring for industrial applications and how will AR influence and change our future working life?

The adoption of augmented and mixed reality devices within the industrial market are growing rapidly. Features like eye tracking, hand tracking and gesture recognition provides a natural, contextual way for users to interact with virtual 3D models. These models enable virtual product presentations in the sales process, virtual design reviews in the construction and trainings on virtual machinery. Service engineers will be guided through tasks with digitized augmented instructions more efficiently and with a higher standard. All these features are already used in the daily activities of AP&S and offer some significant advantages to our customers in the semiconductor market. Come to the session and find out more about this exciting topic: with our promotional code SSD2019 you receive a 10% discount on the regular ticket price. Register for participation now: Don’t forget to visit our AP&S information booth No. 15 after the presentation session. We look forward to seeing you there soon!