Strong soccer girls


AP&S supports girls and women soccer teams in the region

What makes 19 soccer-loving girls aged 8-12 years happy? Brand new jerseys, for example, in which they can kick the ball around. With the sponsorship of the jerseys, Alexandra Laufer-Müller, managing director of AP&S International, brought a bright smile on the faces of the girls‘ team of the SSC Donaueschingen sports club. The girls liked to come by AP&S in person to say thank you: “We thank Mrs. Laufer-Müller from the bottom of our heart for the financial support. The girls are very happy about the new jerseys,“ says coach Natascha Böttcher. The girls‘ team plays against teams from neighboring villages such as Titisee-Neustadt, Pfohren and others. Without any promotion pressure in this age group the fun of playing is in the foreground.  

Last year AP&S co-sponsored the new tracksuits for the women’s soccer team from the Riedböhringen village too. The team plays in the women’s A-league. In total there are 26 players aged 16-30. The players come together from different local villages like Riedböhringen, Hüfingen, Hausen vor Wald, Sumpfohren and the Blumberg districts. Under the motto “We are a TEAM” they form a strong community and follow the goal of achieving a good ranking in the A-league.

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