Perfect cleaning and drying of Carriers, Boxes, Smif’ AND Foup’s


AP&S convinces when it is about perfect cleaning and drying of carriers, boxes, SMIF’ and foup’s for a smooth semiconductor production! Our bestseller cleaners CB II & CB III offer you concrete benefits:

  • Attractive cost of ownership values
  • Shorter set-up times for different box types
  • Tool-free changing of fixtures
  • Fast availability achieved by our own production in Germany
  • SEMI 2 standard

The CleanStep boxes CB II and CB III provide you a maximum cleanliness within the smallest space. With the optimized footprint of only 1560 x 1900 x 2510 mm (CB II) or 1865 x 1685 x 2860 mm (CB III) these supporting tools don’t waste your precious cleanroom space. Even better, with the smart construction concept, which makes the tools accessible from both sides (back and front) you can position these small all-rounders in the greyroom. The tools process up to 3 runs per hour. With the smart box holder system the tools are suitable for all box and carrier types, the switch between different types is simple and doesn’t require any tool modification. Further technical details can be found in our products section here.

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