AP&S pit cleaners inspire: whole series of cleaning charges shortly before delivery


There is also a lot of work to be done in cleanroom production at Plant 1. A whole series of AP&S CBII and CBIII cleaners is about to be delivered to customers. The colleagues are in the final stages of commissioning and are pleased with the high demand for our proven bestsellers.

With the demand for highest cleanliness of carriers, boxes, SMIF pod's and FOUP's as well as maximum flexibility for our customers - the two cleaners have been part of the AP&S portfolio for years.

Reliable, practical and compact, that's how the tools can be summarized. Thanks to a smart holder system, which is characteristic for all AP&S Cleaners, all types of wafer carriers and boxes can be cleaned in one device. Adaptation to loading with different box types is done in no time at all. The loading capacity is also impressive with up to 8 sets of standard 4″- 8″ carriers and boxes on the CBII and up to 16 sets of standard 4″- 6″ carriers and boxes or up to 8 sets of SMIF or FOUP/FOSB on the CBIII. Fast loading, attractive TCO values and short process times support efficient chains in semiconductor manufacturing. A convenient airlock function between gray and clean room is another advantage of the cleaners.

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