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Wet Process Training-Semiconductor Industry


AP&S Academy

Challenges such as rapid capacity expansion and a shortage of skilled workers affect the semiconductor industry. This is precisely where the AP&S Academy concept comes in, to provide customers with optimum support in mastering these and other tasks in semiconductor manufacturing. We offer individual training formats and training modules covering all aspects of wet process technology. The trainers of the AP&S Academy make your team fit for handling wet process equipment in your semiconductor production, thus ensuring high machine availability and productivity.


Quick & Qualified

Before, during and after commissioning of the AP&S wet process equipment in your semiconductor manufacturing facility, our team of highly qualified field service engineers will provide you with fast and competent support to ensure process reliability, high equipment availability and optimum throughput. This includes competent and qualified maintenance and technical support worldwide, equipment installations, relocations and upgrades on site.

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Our Team Service

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Michael Schlegel

Michael Schlegel

AP&S employees

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Swee-Nam Tang

Service Asia-Pacific
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Our Team After-Sales

We are there for you. Here you will find your contact person.

AP&S After Sales

Svetlana Altergott

After-Sales - Spare Parts
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Sabrina Leuenberger

Sabrina Leuenberger

After-Sales - Service & Maintenance Contracts
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Daniel Schnekenburger

Daniel Schnekenburger

After-Sales - Customer Service
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Natalie Streidenberger

Natalie Streidenberger

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Petra Vosseler

After-Sales - Repairs
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Service & After-Sales

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Steffen Hölderle
Head of Service

Katja Kleinhans
Head of After-Sales

AP&S After Sales Service

Smart Manufacturing

"AP&S IoT solutions are used for machine monitoring, machine control, maintenance, service calls, spare parts deliveries and spare parts exchange. In 2018, we received the supplier award "Best Innovation" from our key account Infineon. During the selection process, the decision-makers were particularly impressed by our developments in the field of Industry 4.0, including the AP&S augmented reality program for predictive maintenance and factory planning, which offers customers optimized production planning, a solution-oriented design process, time and cost savings, and the predictive replacement of spare parts."

Christoph Kluge, Director Software Development

Convenient Control and Data Access

The software solutions of our 30-member AP&S software team are used in plant monitoring, control and maintenance, service calls and spare parts deliveries, but also in the run-up to the sales process and in the development phase. The benefit for the machine operator resp. customer is always in the focus here.

AP&S WebWorker App

The AP&S WebWorker app is a smart service tool that makes your wet processes even more efficient. All AP&S wet process equipment and corresponding spare parts are marked with QR codes. Scanning these codes leads to a detailed product information archive with data sheets, user manuals, electrical diagrams and flowcharts. These data are securely stored in an AP&S IoT portal. The information is accessible to authorized employees using any mobile device, at any time, from anywhere in the world. This convenient and time-saving data access makes every service call as well as operating and solving equipment-specific issues easy and efficient for machine operators at semiconductor manufacturing sites.

Another important feature of this app is the integrated online booking form which allows you to order any spare part you need with just one click.

Spare Parts-Semiconductor Manufacturing-Wet Process


Reliable Delivery for High Machine Availability

Guaranteed spare parts availability ensures maximum machine availability (uptime) and therefore the efficiency of your wet processing systems. We offer you a wide range of spare parts and the fastest possible delivery worldwide. Delivery is made from our warehouse or from a consignment warehouse on site - both are possible.


Fit for the Future

AP&S refurbishment programs bring used and obsolete wet process equipment up to the current state of the art and prepare it for future semiconductor manufacturing requirements. In doing so, we draw on our many years of experience in the field of automation and process control. The focus is always on the specific needs of the customer.

Our refurbishment programs include:

  • Overhaul of wet processing machines
  • Modifications of process modules
  • Integration of SECS/GEM interface
  • Integration of new PLC and IPC control standards
  • Upgrades for dryers
  • Replacement of obsolete components
  • Implementation of new tool software
  • Adaptation to new standards
  • Security upgrades
  • Upgrading the level of automation
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