Quality & Environment

We are proud that quality, environmental protection and sustainability are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. Through our efforts, we not only aim to satisfy our customers, but also to make a positive contribution to society and the conservation of our natural resources.

AP&S quality


Highest demands

Quality in the semiconductor industry is a comprehensive concept that encompasses reliability, performance, consistency, manufacturing quality, product safety and compliance with standards to ensure that semiconductor products meet customer requirements and gain their trust.

Our quality standards are high because we know that this is an important aspect of a company's success, as it directly influences customer satisfaction, brand reputation and ultimately business success.

Environment & Sustainability

For a greener future

Environmental aspects play an important role in plant engineering for the semiconductor industry, as the manufacture of semiconductor equipment itself can have an environmental impact and semiconductor production plants are often complex and energy-intensive processes.

Environmental protection and sustainability are important to AP&S and the company is increasingly committed to reducing its environmental impact and promoting more sustainable practices.

AP&S e-charging stations

Energy recovery

AP&S invests for a clean environment.

Photovoltaic systems

AP&S gains independence through self-sufficient energy production.

E-charging stations

AP&S invests in the electrification of its vehicle fleet.

Our certificates

Qualifications for the future