AP&S in the trade press


Read AP&S cover stories in Silicon Semiconductor trade magazines and find out how we are setting new standards in wet process technology.

The AP&S article in Silicon Semiconductor Issue IV 2019 focuses on the use of AI in wet process equipment; the opportunities and customer benefits created by the in-house "Demo Center" lab, which was further expanded in 2019; and the unique AP&S eless wet bench Vulcanio, which was specifically designed and optimized for under bump metallization (UBM) of aluminum or copper pads (nickel, palladium, immersion gold).

In addition, the article was published in Mandarin in the magazine Silicon Semiconductor China I 2020, which offers our local customers and interested parties a deeper insight into the AP&S company and our latest developments. China as an important semiconductor market is correspondingly significant for AP&S. Since 2007, our subsidiary in Shanghai has offered customers local proximity, fast service and competent support.

Enjoy reading the articles: AP&S Top Story in EnglishAP&S Top Story in Mandarin

The journals in full can be found here: Silicon Semiconductor Issue IV 2019Silicon Semiconductor China I 2020