Award-winning innovation: AP&S again receives TOP 100 Award


The new AP&S management is proud of the new Top 100 Award 2021, and they have every reason to be, because this award honors particularly innovative medium-sized companies in Germany that demonstrate their innovative strength in a scientific process.

"Far-sighted, customer-oriented, innovative - that's AP&S and our wet process equipment, and that's what we have to be. After all, microelectronics, microsystems and nanotechnology - all areas in which our wet process solutions are used - are themselves regarded as the strongest innovation drivers of all. The rapid progress exemplified by our customers here is setting standards for economically important cutting-edge technologies such as automation, sensors, the automotive industry, biomedical technology, telecommunications and others worldwide. We are part of this innovation chain and committed to continuous progress," says Tobias Drixler, COO of AP&S.

"Digitization, the number one B2B trend last year and this year, was and is also important to us, but not just since Corona. As early as 2016, AP&S acquired a stake in the digitalization company tepcon. Together with them, we have implemented advanced, practice-oriented pilot projects. These include AI in wet process plants and the use of AR/mixed reality technology for digital instructions in the service area. With AI, we listen into our plants to be able to predict the failure of important components in time and thus avoid machine downtime. With digital instructions, we guide our service technicians or our customers' employees on site safely through a maintenance or spare parts replacement. These are just two examples from our range of services. These were among the decisive factors for our renewed award," explains Tobias Bausch, AP&S CMO & CTO.

CEO Alexandra Laufer-Müller adds: "Innovative strength is very important to us at AP&S. After all, this is what determines whether a company can hold its own on the market in the long term. The award - incidentally already the third for us - shows quite clearly that our attitude is directly reflected in our innovation performance."