Cybersecure semiconductor production


Increasing digitization and networking have revolutionized semiconductor production. However, in view of the many advantages, one must not lose sight of the fundamental aspect of security. After all, cyber attacks pose a serious threat to companies. For this reason, our motto at AP&S is: a clear and big YES to digitalization, but please all-round security.

Cybersecure wet processes with the latest software

AP&S systems are safe - that's the promise we make to our customers. System updates, plant upgrades, regular information and intensive dialog with our customers are the cornerstones here. 

To ensure maximum security according to future network requirements, highest reliability and uptime, we recommend our customers with older wet process equipment (regardless of manufacturer) to upgrade to the Windows 10 operating system as soon as possible. If the existing wet process equipment already has the Windows 7 operating system, the upgrade to Windows 10 can usually be done without new hardware. If the current operating system of the wet process equipment is older than Windows 7, the installation of a new IPC is required. We would be happy to advise you individually on the subject of Windows 10 upgrade of your production equipment and are at your disposal for further questions regarding cyber security of your wet processes: