Employees celebrate their jubilee: Trip to the ice hockey game of the famous local team Wild Wings


The 14 AP&S colleagues, who have celebrated their 10-year employment with the company incl. the tepcon GmbH people in 2016 and 2017, enjoyed the full attention at the last company's general meeting. 

Everyone could see the enthusiastic mood of the group and the great atmosphere from their common trip to the ice hockey match between Wild Wings and ERS Ingolstadt in the Helios Arena was still present.

"At AP&S we reward company loyalty. Therefore we always offer something special to our employees, who are with us for such a long period of time, like 10 years", says Cäcilia Wegner, Head of the Human Resources Department of the AP&S GmbH. "This year it was the trip to the Schwenninger Wild Wings play. The victory of the local team was clearly the cherry on the cake. After the exciting match the group visited a local restaurant and enjoyed a traditional Black Forest buffet."

Tobias Drixler, one of the group about the trip: "It was a great surprise and an unforgettable day."

The official honor ceremony followed at the general meeting, to which the whole staff was invited. CEO of the AP&S GmbH Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO of the tepcon GmbH Christoph Kluge as well as the shareholder Horst Hall thanked the colleagues for their loyalty, expressed their appreciation for their commitment and handed over some gifts. Afterwards the glasses were raised in a toast to the next common years.

On the picture (left to right): CEO of the AP&S GmbH Alexandra Laufer-Müller, CEO of the tepcon GmbH Christoph Kluge, Tobias Drixler, Oliver Josuweit, Thomas Seitz, Silvie Saverino-Vollmer, Achim Dörflinger, Mario Bühler, Bernd Heizmann, Andreas Liersch (tepcon), Gabriele Kluge (tepcon), Shareholder of the AP&S GmbH Horst Hall. Also honored were Anja Marx, Oliver Hittmeyer, Clemens Bollin, Bernard Winker (not on the picture).