Energy recovery for a clean environment - AP&S invests


AP&S International GmbH in Donaueschingen (Aasen) has invested in a modern heat recovery unit (HRU) with a high-performance circulation system (HCU system). The resulting lower energy consumption means fewer pollutant emissions, better environmental protection and lower operating costs.

In winter, when heating, some of the energy is extracted from the warm exhaust air that is discharged from the building and fed into the cold outside air flow. This is where heat recovery comes into play, which is normally generated in various industrial processes or in buildings. Reusing the energy helps to reduce overall energy consumption. Heat recovery systems capture this heat and reuse it in other parts of the process or in other applications. The complementary modern high performance closed loop system serves to connect different processes or applications in a closed loop, enabling an even more efficient transfer of thermal energy and minimizing the environmental impact.

AP&S had already worked with Company Maurer (Schramberg) a partner for the conception and realization and with the Company Baupartner (Geisingen), which meant that the project was completed without any problems.

Company founder and shareholder Horst Hall comments: "Implementing heat recovery in our production and operating processes is not only a sustainable decision for us, but also a strategic step towards increasing our energy efficiency. By capturing and reusing waste heat, we not only minimize our environmental footprint, but also significantly reduce our energy costs. As a company, we are proud to contribute to environmental protection while maximizing operational efficiency. The integration of heat recovery technologies is an important part of our sustainability strategy and a clear signal of our commitment to resource-efficient production processes."