GIGASTEP - Compact, modular, flexible


AP&S wet bench GigaStep handles wafers (up to 200mm), MEMS, optoelectronics, photomasks and glass substrates. Outstanding feature of this wet bench is that it provides multi-wafer-size and -thickness processing without any tool modification.

Due to its smart concept it contains all necessary process steps according to individual customer requirements. It offers superior reliability with an uptime of ≥ 97 %.

Furthermore, GigaStep convinces with its modular construction, which offers the customers in the first place, highest flexibility regarding future upgrades as well as optimized delivery times due to shorter development and production times. The compact tool enables a very comfortable and cost-efficient installation and maintenance.

The GigaStep wet bench covers a variety of chemical wet processes like: different wet cleaning processes, RCA, solvent applications, Pre-Diffusion, Pre-Metal, various etching processes including oxide, nitride, poly crystalline, metals and silicides. Solvent applications and chemical applications can be combined in this chemical wet bench.

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