Plenty of space for the manufacture of wet process equipment - New production plant in Donaueschingen


The new AP&S plant at Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 92 in Allmendshofen, Donaueschingen, offers around 2000 m² of production space. Space that is urgently needed.

"Only by expanding our production capacity can we meet the high order situation," says COO Tobias Drixler. "With our key technology for semiconductor manufacturing, we too are affected by the increased global demand for microchips. Semiconductor manufacturers urgently need our wet process equipment for their manufacturing plants. Shortening delivery times for these and increasing capacity is our top priority."

It was not until 2019 that production at AP&S headquarters was expanded and Plant 2 was inaugurated, both in Donaueschingen-Aasen. By the end of 2020, it was already clear that the next expansion step would not be long in coming.

"The challenge of rapid capacity expansion is pervasive throughout the semiconductor industry. Chip manufacturers are reporting planned billion-dollar investments every week. These bring with them a great need for manufacturing equipment. In the long term, the demand for semiconductors will not abate. These are elementary components of every modern technology. More digitization and more e-mobility inevitably mean more microchips. Therefore, the step with an additional production hall was also strategically very important for us," Tobias Drixler explains. "In addition, our main plant in Aasen is currently also being expanded by 1000 m². The extension will house some administrative areas and logistics in the future. The move-in is planned for Q2."  

Just under 20 production employees are located in Plant 3 at the start. Pre-assembly and module construction are the main tasks here. The conversion work began in October last year, and the relocation work started in January 2022. Starting this week, regular day-to-day production will begin. "Additional space is already great. But now we urgently need reinforcements for our team. We are looking for plastics fitters, carpenters, commissioning engineers and trainees in the fields of mechatronics and process engineering. Interested parties and especially career changers who enjoy plant engineering are welcome to apply to us. Further information is available from us at Website to find," says production manager Philipp Scheu.