SpinStep Flexline

The modular system SpinStep Flexline was specially developed for the flexible combination of different processes such as etching, cleaning, developing and lift-off.

SpinStep Flexline


All-Rounder Tool

This system covers all common wet processes in the field of single wafers for semiconductor manufacturing. This is where maximum flexibility and highest process quality meet, making this single-wafer tool also perfect for research and development purposes.

Main Benefits

  • Optimized CoC due to low chemical and water consumption
  • Maximum flexibility through modular design
  • Highest reliability through advanced process control
  • Convenient handling and easy resizing: Different processes are possible in one basin; switching between different wafer sizes is very easy.
  • A plant demonstration in the AP&S DemoCenter is available.


  • Cleaning
  • Etching
  • Drying
  • Lift-off
  • Developing
  • Customized applications


  • Substrates
    Wafers, MEMS, optoelectronics, photomasks up to 9" and square substrates
  • Wafer material
    Si, SiC, GaN, GaAs, sapphire, glass
  • Wafer sizes
    up to 12″

Technical Features

  • Due to the modular design, the system is easy to configure and can be upgraded flexibly.
  • Optimized plant footprint, easy feed
  • No expensive space for the Chemicals Management System in the clean room is required as it can be placed outside.


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