AP&S Academy Opens its Doors


Future operators of wet process equipment from AP&S in Donaueschingen receive customized training at the AP&S Academy. This provides them with individual and practical training for the operation of equipment used for the production of microelectronic chips.

The key to the AP&S Academy was proudly presented to Steffen Hölderle (Head of Service) and André Menge (Senior Service & Training). Managing Director Tobias Drixler (COO) sees the training center as a platform to prepare both new employees and customers individually and specifically for the respective uses of the machines. The interest in such training courses has increased enormously due to the current shortage of skilled workers and the need to adequately instruct and thus qualify non-specialist personnel in the world of chemical wet process technology.

"We have been successfully conducting on-site training courses at customers' semiconductor fabs for a long time. In recent years, however, demand has grown significantly. Furthermore, customers have increasingly called for a central training center for wet process technology, so as not to interfere with running production facilities for training purposes. This coincided with our strategy to establish the AP&S Academy," explains Tobias Drixler, COO and initiator of the AP&S Academy.

Employees with both the knowledge of the semiconductor industry and the corresponding pedagogical skills offer four training modules which can be attended consecutively. They take place on site at the AP&S Academy, at the customer's premises or can be implemented online.

Starting with the "Operator Training", which teaches basic safety instructions and the operation of the systems, the next module, "Basic Maintenance Training", provides instruction on the general setup of the machine, the process modules and the functions of the handling systems with hands-on training at the plant.
After the knowledge gained in module 2, module 3 "Advanced Maintenance Training" gives an overview of the sensible measures for maintenance, the control of robots via the HMI and troubleshooting in a simulated process. This understanding is deepened in the final module "System Expert Training", so that the training participant subsequently becomes an expert user of wet process systems and both confident and efficient in the operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and optimization of the application.

There are only few dates available for the upcoming months. If you are interested, you can inform yourself about the options under the following e-mail address.