New AP&S Academy - Your training partner in wet process technology


The continuous qualification of personnel in semiconductor manufacturing is more important than ever. The upswing in the semiconductor industry, the associated necessary capacity expansion and the shortage of skilled workers are moving our industry. The new AP&S Academy concept comes at just the right time to provide our customers with optimum support in meeting these challenges.

"We have been successfully conducting training courses at customers' on-site semiconductor fabs for a long time. In recent years, however, demand here has grown significantly. There were also increasing calls from customers for a central training center for wet process technology. This coincided with our strategy for founding the AP&S Academy. The aim was to combine various training formats under one roof and make the Academy a central point of contact for semiconductor companies when it comes to personnel training in wet process equipment. In addition, we also want to use the new Training Center for the further training of our own employees. In the future, new colleagues will spend a day here for basic training in wet process equipment and thus gain a deeper insight into AP&S products," explains COO and initiator of the AP&S Academy Tobias Drixler.

Thus, the new AP&S Academy Concept:

  1. Trainings at customer site
  2. Training courses in the new "Training Center" at the AP&S headquarters in Donaueschingen, Germany
  3. Online training
  4. Coaching.

"In my day-to-day work, I am on the road almost daily in our customers' semiconductor fabs. One thing is certain: if the safe handling of the equipment is well known to the manufacturing and maintenance personnel and extensively trained, this leads to a reduction in downtime, assurance of product quality and increased safety for people, equipment and wafers in the process," says the head of the AP&S Academy André Menge. "With the AP&S Academy, we want to share our know-how and contribute to a safe and efficient handling of the manufacturing equipment. The customer should be able to get the best out of the equipment," says Menge about the objective of the Academy.

With various training modules, the AP&S Academy starts where know-how is to be expanded. Initial training after delivery and commissioning of a new plant or refresher and in-depth courses are the main topics of the training program. The contents are adapted to the needs of the training participants. Long-standing employees can continuously expand their knowledge and develop into experts, while career changers can also find it much easier to enter the world of semiconductors. Knowledge is imparted directly at the equipment by experienced training managers in a practical, solution-oriented and competent manner.

"With the new AP&S Academy, we want to position ourselves as a training partner in wet process technology. Professional training leads to much more than higher machine uptime and productivity. They are also a sustainable means of counteracting the shortage of skilled workers, retaining employees and securing corporate growth. It is a responsible task that we are happy to take on," concludes Drixler.

Read more here on the new page AP&S Academy - your training partner in wet process technology. For questions regarding the training modules, please contact our AP&S Academy Training Expert André Menge gladly at your disposal.