Chemicals Management System

The chemicals management system for acids, solvents and etchants used in the semiconductor, MEMS, microstructuring and R&D industries.

Chemicals Management System


Safe handling of chemicals.

Distributing, mixing and disposing of chemicals - you can do this smartly, safely and conveniently with this chemical management system. Chemical feed and chemical supply for your wet processes are thus flawless.

Main Benefits

  • Highest safety standard
  • Upgradeable system
  • Small plant footprint
  • Compatibility with common commercial systems


The chemicals management system of AP&S is available for the following applications:

  • Chemical Distribution System (CDS)
  • Chemical Mixing System (CMS)
  • Chemical Waste System (CWS)


Suitable for all common applications in semiconductor production

Technical Features

  • Upgrades and extensions possible at any time
  • Networking with other common systems possible


AP&S Products in Use

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