The purity guarantor for all common carrier types, boxes, SMIF pods and FOUPs.



The latest AP&S cleaning tool.

CleanSurF allows both manual and automatic loading and convinces by its high loading capacity. This cleaning system offers efficient throughput and attractive TcO values.

Main Benefits

  • Optimum cleaning performance thanks to the newly developed nozzle concept with over 50 nozzles (DIW as well as N2 nozzles)
  • Attractive TcO values - very low consumption of water and nitrogen and extremely compact footprint of 3 m²
  • High loading capacity of up to 12 x 12 inch FOUPs per run
  • Latest software technology including HMI according to Semi II standard
  • Maximum flexibility - optimized for manual and automatic loading
  • Practical airlock function - loading on the cleanroom side and access to the service area on the grayroom side possible. Optionally, a lock function for cleanroom/grayroom separation is possible through a second process chamber door.


  • Cleaning and drying


All common carrier types, boxes, SMIF pods and FOUPS.

Technical Features

  • Sophisticated box holder system for easy and quick exchange of different box and carrier types
  • Easy handling incl. charging and discharging
  • Process control via latest software technology
  • Suitable for in-house tracking system
  • Optimized plant footprint: CB II 1560 x 1900 x 2510 mm; CB III 1865 x 1685 x 2860 mm


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