The new, fully automatic, high-throughput line offers maximum automation and highest productivity.



Maximum Yield

The fully automated high-throughput NexAStep platform offers more functions in a more compact space for maximum yield.

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Main Benefits

  • Wafer-friendly transport and maximum speed during empty runs thanks to a highly dynamic axis system
  • Optimal use of the clean room due to compact design of the system and efficient arrangement of chemical supply, drains, receiver tanks and control cabinets in the module footprint
  • Modular concept enables fast assembly, disassembly and conversion
  • Uninterrupted production flow due to an integrated storage unit with up to 75 storage spaces


  • Different wet cleaning proceses
  • RCA
  • Pre-diffusion
  • Pre-metal
  • Different etching processes, including oxide, nitride, polycrystalline, metals and silicides


  • Substrates
  • Wafer material
    Si, SiC, GaN
  • Wafer sizes

Technical Features

  • Up to 12 LMC carriers of 100 wafers (8/6 inch) with half spacing or 50 wafers (8/6 inch) with normal spacing for efficient processing
  • Reduced process times possible due to increased process temperature of up to 170° C
  • Reduced rinsing times and DIW consumption due to a DI water flow of up to 80 l/min resulting in faster basin filling and therefore faster operational readiness
  • Low maintenance due to linear motor axis
  • Intelligent safety control for collision avoidance in conjunction with an innovative sensor solution for detecting the process carrier


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