Proven system for wet processes with end-point detection for FEOL and BEOL processes



Endpoint Detection

This single wafer wet process system for wafer surface treatment and wafer thinning offers optimum results in FEOL and BEOL etching and cleaning.

Main Benefits

  • Optimized CoC due to low chemical and water consumption
  • Process safety according to highest safety level for chemicals
  • Endpoint detection for highest reliability and process control:
    1. Less over-processing time required to fully etch the layer (i.e. over-etching)
    2. Less impact on other layers
    3. Stable uniformity from wafer to wafer
    4. Significant reduction of chemical consumption possible
  • Convenient handling and easy resizing, up to 5 media in one process tray
  • Handling of thin wafers
  • A plant demonstration in the AP&S DemoCenter is available.


  • FEOL etching, BEOL etching and cleaning
  • Wafer thinning
  • Tension decrease
  • Film removal and damage repair


  • Substrates
    Wafers, MEMS, optoelectronics, photomasks, up to 9″ and square substrates
  • Wafer material
    Si, SiC, GaN, GaAs, sapphire, glass
  • Wafer sizes
    up to 12″

Technical Features

  • Open cassette, SMIF pod, FOUP
  • Easy configuration and flexible upgrading due to modular design
  • Maximum safety for workers and plant according to highest safety standards
  • Optimized plant footprint, easy feed
  • No expensive space for the Chemicals Management System needed in the clean room, as it can be positioned outside


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