We Manufacture in Sync - also our Cleaner Series CB III


Introduction of a new tool for efficient project management shows results

Producing in sync, that's what we do at AP&S. To achieve this, we relaunched a comprehensive project management tool at the beginning of 2022. Producing in sync is a method for production planning and control that includes the processes of order generation, order release and capacity control. The aim is to create a constant production flow and optimize on-time delivery. 

As the order situation and our company have grown strongly in recent years, the internal processes also had to be adapted to the new challenges. We have set ourselves the goal of maximum transparency and adherence to schedules across the entire value chain. The prerequisite for this is digital project recording, tracking and capacity planning that spans all projects and departments. Matthias Hillmann, Team Leader Organizational Development, explains: "With the new capacity and project planning software, we create a cycle- and flow-oriented process with reliable deadlines and respond early to challenges from design to commissioning at the customer's site."

With the introduction of the new system, we now have a 360-degree view of project progress and production in real time. In combination with the integrated, digital store floor management, we can react to conflicts and disruptions in a targeted and timely manner. The cross-departmental, digital mapping of all processes gives us the necessary data basis to analyze, evaluate and optimize processes.

"Despite special machine construction, we have succeeded in cycle production. Through our lean management, we have already halved the cycle time and increased the quality of our products. We can plan cycle slots far in advance and thus also avoid procurement difficulties in the best possible way," says project manager and product manager for the cleaners at AP&S Andreas Hertz-Eichenrode.