Semi-automatic wet bench with a compact footprint and a wide range of configuration options




A compact wet process plant that can be expanded at any time thanks to its modular design, thus offering AP&S customers a high degree of flexibility

Main Benefits

  • Smart, modular design for convenient and cost-effective installation and maintenance as well as for high flexibility for upgrades
  • Different wafer sizes and thicknesses can be processed, no adjustments/modifications to the system are required for this purpose.
  • Highest reliability with a plant operating time of ≥ 97%


  • Different wet cleaning proceses
  • RCA
  • Pre-diffusion
  • Pre-metal
  • Different etching processes, including oxide, nitride, polycrystalline, metals and silicides


  • Substrates
    Wafers, MEMS, optoelectronics, photomasks, glass
  • Wafer material
    Si, SiC, GaN, GaAs, Sapphire, Glass
  • Wafer sizes
    up to 8″

Technical Features

  • Optimized plant footprint
  • The plant configuration can be adapted cost-effectively to future product / process changes and customer requirements
  • Processes 2 x 25 wafer stacks with 4 to 6" or 25 x 8" substrates
  • Complies with: FM 4910, SEMI S2 and S8, SECS, GEM, CE
  • Process control through the latest software technology:
    Sensor software interface, suitable for in-house tracking system, extensive process documentation (consumption, media, temperature, cleaning cycles, end of run, login), individual recipes


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